Addison Rae twerks in a bra, reveals she missed dancing

Addison Rae close up
Addison Rae moves her body to the beat as she reveals how much she missed dancing. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae is getting back to her roots in an intimate share featuring a passionate dance.

The 22-year-old posted on her Instagram Stories as she expressed herself creatively in a studio.

Like fellow TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, Addison was a professional dancer for many years. Her dancing background helped propel her career on the social media platform, where she, like Charli, created infectious videos for fans to duplicate.

However, recent times have seen the Louisiana native dancing less and modeling more.

Addison has also promoted her business ventures, like Item Beauty, lending her famous face to the brand. She has also appeared on magazine covers and done interviews as she expanded her brand.

Addison’s dancing post may indicate that the influencer has decided to return to what she has loved for many years.

The She’s All That actress went back to the basics with the IG Stories showing her in movement.

Addison Rae returns to dancing roots

The video showed Addison with her dark hair flowing freely. She wore a white bra and black sweatpants paired with matching white sneakers.

Addison wrote in white text over the post, “I missed dancing.”

The clip started with Addison from afar as she shook her hips from side to side. She placed both elbows in front of her face before throwing her arms back dramatically.

Then, Addison slowly walked forward as she slithered and sauntered across the studio with a lot of belly movement, similar to fellow Louisiana native Britney Spears.

The influencer turned around and made a twerking motion before getting close to the ground and popping her body. Addison showed insane flexibility as she continued to hit the mark.

Addison Rae’s dancing career led to TikTok

Addison could be a case study as the perfect example of an overnight celebrity.

She revealed to Glamour that she danced competitively and tried out for her LSU dance team but did not make the cut.

In August 2019, in her first semester as a student at LSU, Addison made a TikTok that went viral.

Addison shared, “I thought I had to give up on all my dreams, but about four to five months later I started social media and TikTok. All of a sudden – out of nowhere – I was posting all the time and getting likes, views, and followers.”

She and her mother, Sheri Nicole, traveled to Los Angeles in September 2019, and the rest was history.

Addison added a word of wisdom, saying, “Sometimes the road you didn’t think you were going to take is the one that you do, and you’re glad that you did.”

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