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Addison Rae stuns in sheer black dress atop bar

Addison Rae
Addison Rae, in a see-through black dress, lounges on a bar. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae is lounging on top of a bar in a black dress, and the garment is entirely sheer, revealing her black underwear.

The TikTok star shared the latest shots on her Instagram, where she has 39.8 million followers.

Addison looked gorgeous as she posed on top of a bar, making the structure into her own personal catwalk.

Subsequent photos showed Addison on the streets of New York, where she attended New York Fashion Week, went to a nightclub, and visited an art exhibit.

A quick trip to Addison’s Instagram reveals she often posts photoshoots in various locations, including a high school, an elevator, and across the world. Today was no exception, as her latest post featured a new background.

The Item Beauty founder wore a sheer dress with spaghetti tops and a black bra and underwear set underneath for extra coverage.

Addison Rae poses in black see-through dress on a bar

Addison rocked a black gown with lace detailing and intricate fabric, leaving little to the imagination.

She extended her legs to reveal close-toed pumps and bronzed skin.

Addison wore her long dark locks in a high ponytail with the ends falling past her shoulder. She lounged on her side atop a marble counter with red, wooden stools by her feet.

Behind Addison, there were illuminated windows and beautiful wood finishing.

There was also a man peeking in the door with a wide smile. The gentleman reappeared in the second photo with his arms crossed and sat on a stool beneath Addison, revealing his appearance was intentional and not a photobomb.

Addison kept it coy in the caption, writing, “Oh, little old me.”

The Louisiana native also took pictures of some tasty treats, including a famous New York slice.

Although Addison was far from home, she hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

Addison Rae stays grounded despite fame

Addison Rae was an overnight sensation as a freshman at LSU who decided to use a new social media app called TikTok.

She went viral in her first semester at university and quickly dropped out, moving to Los Angeles with her mother in 2019.

Addison told Glamour in 2021, “Going through the changes of life, really staying grounded, and remembering where I’m from. There’s so many times that I’ve been like, ‘This is a lot, maybe it’s mentally challenging,’ and then wanting to give up.” She added: “But then I remember that I got where I am today and that I should take every opportunity I can to just accomplish everything that I dreamed of.”

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