Addison Rae stuns in leather for stunning shoot

addison rae selfie
Addison Rae looks gorgeous and gothic in an all-black look. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae served looks for a recent photo shoot as she showed off her modeling ability and versatility.

The influencer has had an eventful month with her 22nd birthday earlier in October and her grandfather’s death. She also re-followed her mother, Sheri Nicole. The social media action came after a brief dispute because of her father, Monty Lopez’s alleged infidelity and her mother’s reaction to the news.

However, it looked like everything was good in Addison’s hood in a new photoshoot, which she re-posted on her IG Stories.

The black and white photoshoot appeared on the Instagram account of Seks LLC, the designer of the attire.

Addison channeled a gothic-glam look, which has been on-trend with stars like Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox rocking the fashion style.

The Louisiana native put her own twist on the look as she struck a few poses against a white wall.

Addison Rae gets edgy in black and cheeky attire

She wore an eccentric black top with a large braid sticking out from the side. The black crop top featured leather material and an asymmetrical sleeve, leaving one of Addison’s shoulders bare.

She paired the top with cheeky black underwear and sheer tights on top. Addison rocked black leather boots with heels and slouchy material on the shaft.

One photo saw the former dancer as she crouched down in a low lunge and raised her arms above her head while extending her fingers.

Another shot saw Addison arch her back and place her hands behind herself in another exaggerated pose.

The photos featured a beautiful illusion with her shadow appearing prominently on the wall behind her.

She sported long, black acrylics, which became more apparent when she posed with her hands on each side of her body.

Addison’s long locks were in a messy but stylish updo, with pieces of bangs framing her famous face.

Addison Rae’s style is evolving

The latest photoshoot showed that Addison’s style has evolved throughout the years.

Addison agreed with this notion and spoke about her style in a recent interview with Elle.

She explained, “I’ve grown into my style a lot the past few years, and as I’m getting older and experiencing more of life and different people, I’m discovering more things that I like and that inspire me.”

Addison also shared how jewelry has impacted her style for the better.

She continued, “As I’ve grown up, I have found that jewelry is such an under-appreciated aspect of style, because it can really change an outfit and elevate a look.”

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