Addison Rae stuns in leather crop top and sheer pants

Addison Rae is beautiful as it’s another day and another photoshoot for the TikTok star. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae shared a sneak peek of another photoshoot, following multiple professional and personal shoots in the past week.

For one week, Addison has been in New York City, where fashion week dominated Instagram feeds, including Addison’s. The Louisiana native posed in a nightclub, on the street, and atop a bar in a series of sultry shots.

The bright lights of the Big Apple are likely a welcome distraction for the 21-year-old, as she recently unfollowed both parents following some major parental drama.

The breadwinner is showing her independence as she continues making money with solo shots and some featuring special guests.

The latest picture appeared on her co-star’s Instagram and was reposted by Addison.

The photo featured Addison and the photographer as they channeled Grease with an edgy twist.

Addison Rae does edgy photoshoot and offers BTS look

Addison rocked a black leather bustier with floral detailing. The intricately-designed top featured an umbrella attached to the bodice.


Addison sported super-long acrylic nails and slouchy knee-high boots with heels. She wore tights as pants, opting for a semi-sheer look.

Her long dark tresses featured a wild updo with a piece of her bangs framing her face and falling down the back.

Addison’s photographer wore slicked-back hair, a white t-shirt, high-waisted black pants, and white converse sneakers. Addison grabbed the wall while her friend did his best Charlie’s Angels pose. They stood in front of a white wall with a painted wood floor. The photographer and co-star tagged Addison in the photo and added red heart emojis.

Addison is a creative person, which may explain why she does so many photoshoots. From dancing competitively to creating TikTok videos, Addison has a lot of experience making entertaining content.

Addison Rae is a creative force

Addison catapulted to stardom soon after she joined TikTok, but the social media star has performed for years as a competitive dancer.

She revealed, “That’s my main thing: I love to perform. I love to creative-direct. I started off dancing, but I think a huge part of that was simply storytelling. I always want to be telling stories through everything I do.”

Addison continued, “I’m a very complex person. I can show a lot and still not be showing anything at all, in a way. Every part of me that I show or don’t show are all parts of me that exist at the same time.”

As Addison demonstrates her artistic prowess, fans are here for it.

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