Addison Rae sparkles in crop top and track pants as she heads to daily Pilates class

Addison Rae was pictured smiling at the camera.
Addison Rae standing in front of a blue backdrop. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency

There’s a lot to say about Addison Rae these days now that she’s been focusing on turning her social media fame into an acting career.

One thing that a lot of actresses and celebrities have in common is that they follow the right measures in order to stay in the best shape possible.

Since Addison is diving headfirst into the Hollywood industry right now, her choice to show up to daily Pilates classes makes all the sense in the world.

The bulk of Addison’s pictures on social media tend to show off just how fit and impeccable her physique really is.

The bulk of her videos and Reels do just as much to prove her point. Generally, she shares content in lovely outfits that make her look like a total star.

The fitness-centered outfit she wore to her Pilates class isn’t something she’d probably post on social media anytime soon, but it still deserves some attention.

Addison Rae looks fabulous for her Pilates class

Addison was spotted walking through West Hollywood on her way to attend a daily Pilates session in the city. She wore a bright blue sports bra that resembled an athletic-looking crop top made with thick material that provided tons of coverage.

Her incredibly flat stomach was totally visible, though. On her bottom half, she wore a pair of baggy black sweatpants with white stripes going up along both legs on the outside.

Addison Rae was pictured wearing a crop top and sweat pants.
Addison Rae was pictured walking in West Hollywood. Pic credit: affinitypicture/BACKGRID

At the top of her sweats, two strings typically used for tightening the waistline dangled without any bow ties.

Addison wore a pair of simple white sneakers with gray trim laced up on her feet. She also wore a black leather jacket, a small black handbag, and a pair of large sunglasses.

Addison Rae looks classy in green

When Addison Rae isn’t hitting the gym for Pilates classes, she’s dressing up to enjoy special evenings out on the town. One of the green dresses she recently wore proves that.

During the summer, Addison wore a green dress designed with brown straps on her hips and over her shoulders. The brown straps perfectly matched the brown boots she wore on her feet.

The boots were made to have short black heels, pointed tips, and long zippers going up with her calves. Addison accessorized the look with a black choker necklace that had tons of extra chains dangling in the front to create an interesting illusion.

She skipped out on other jewelry such as earrings or bracelets but made sure to doll herself up with just the right amount of makeup. She wore her dark brown hair pulled back into a medium-high ponytail.

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