Addison Rae sizzles in black lingerie with post-birthday glow

Close up selfie of Addison Rae
Addison Rae stuns following 22nd birthday in black lingerie. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae has had a busy yet dramatic past few months, ending with her birthday celebration and some gorgeous photos.

Addison turned 22 a few days ago, and she also revealed on her Instagram that her grandfather had passed away.

She has been sharing some heartwarming photos of her and her grandfather and spending time with family amid the grieving process.

The Louisiana native had time for an impromptu photoshoot, featured on the Instagram of an NYC-based designer.

The designer, Travis Taddeo, shared a two-photo carousel featuring Addison in all-black against a white wall.

The stripped-down shoot showed Addison’s natural beauty as the TikTok star struck a few poses.

Addison Rae strikes a pose in black lingerie top

Addison wore a black lingerie top and a scarf atop her head, semi-containing her long dark locks. The busty lingerie top had spaghetti straps and a corset-like bodice.

She kept the accessories simple with a gold necklace and a red jewel, possibly a ruby or a garnet.

Addison sported light makeup with mascara, winged eyeliner, rosy cheeks, and lip tint. Her thick signature brows were brushed with some gel, and her natural beauty shone through.

The first photo featured Addison with one hand on her head and a bent elbow against a concrete wall. She arched her back slightly and let her other arm fall as she struck a pose with her lips parted.

Addison then went into selfie mode as she upped the chic factor, adding a supersized pair of black sunglasses to her look. She took a mirror selfie in a showroom, with clothing on a rack behind her and a mirror.

Addison Rae re-follows mom after grandfather’s death

Addison made news when she unfollowed her mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling, after a cheating drama featuring her father, Monty Lopez.

However, death is the great equalizer, and perhaps young Addison realized that fact. She recently refollowed her mother on Instagram, a few months after unfollowing her.

Addison wrote a heartwarming caption that accompanied the Instagram carousel, filled with memories with her papa.

She began the caption, “I feel as though I have no words.. but that just isn’t true. Actually, I have so many that it’s hard to make sense of them.”

Then, Addison listed her grandfather’s best qualities. She wrote, “You were always a hard worker.. even when physically working was hard. You were diligent, you were thoughtful, loving, quiet, courageous, strong, patient and kind.”

Addison concluded, “I’ll be missing you on my birthday. I wish I could have one more hug from you. God is so lucky to have you. I will miss you more and more every single day.”

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