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Addison Rae looks incredible in black tights and bra

Addison Rae smiling for the camera.
Addison Rae looks beautiful with big gold earrings. Pic credit: ©

Addison Rae looked gorgeous in black tights.

The TikTok personality has gained an enormous amount of followers over the last few years.

She recently shared some pictures of herself in an all-black outfit.

It started with a black bra with a bit of sheer fabric at the very top.

It moved on to some black shorts with fabulous tights underneath. The tights have a straight line down the middle that goes down until her mid-thigh; after that, it is pure black down to her toes.

Addison put on some black stiletto heels that made her legs look incredibly long.

Addison Rae looks amazing in an all-black outfit

To protect herself from the weather, she grabbed a silk black suit jacket and posed on what looked like a balcony.

She wrapped her hair in a messy bun, leaving a few pieces on the front to frame her face and placing a leather Breton hat on top.

Lastly, she hung a silver locket necklace around her neck.

The internet personality posted several shots of this look on her Instagram, which now has nearly 40 million followers.

She captioned this post, “DANCE MORE.”

Addison Rae talks about social media

Being a content creator and TikToker star like Addison Rae is a lot of hard work. It also comes with a lot of nasty comments and judgy people who will be watching your every move.

This is not news to Addison, who has been doing this for a few years while making it her career. In August 2020, the 21-year-old was named the highest-earning TikTok personality by Forbes. Thanks to the success this platform has given her, she has now released her own music and made her acting debut in the Netflix original film He’s All That.

But she knows that social media can also have a bad side. She told Elle, “No matter who you are or what you do, there’s going to be negativity. Social media can be toxic, and dealing with it is definitely an uphill battle. The comments can be so cruel, and it really throws me off that people even feel the need to say the things they do. I think if everyone just learned to love themselves, they’d have less to say about other people.”

Despite the hurtful comments, Rae continues to shine and do what she loves the most. She has also ventured into the beauty industry world and released her own perfume.

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