Addison Rae looks fit in vintage Scream shirt

Addison Rae snaps a selfie
Addison Rae looks as beautiful as ever in a beach selfie and rosy, plump lips. Pic credit: @addisonrae/Instagram

Addison Rae is one of the most talked about girls of the moment.

After gaining many followers, millions to be exact, thanks to TikTok, Rae positions herself as one of the most influential people, especially for the younger generation.

And with several eyes on her, it’s obvious that she gets followed a lot by the paparazzi.

Not long ago, she was spotted after a Pilates session in West Hollywood with dancer Maddie Ziegler and Justin’s Bieber wife, Hailey Bieber.

She clearly has such an amazing fashion style, and she likes to show it off, even when she goes to work out.

The social media sensation wore a vintage Scream t-shirt that she tucked into her bra to show off her incredible toned abs.

Addison Rae shows off her incredible toned abs after Pilates session with celebrity friends

She protected herself from the elements by wearing a dark grey oversized jacket.

For pants, she opted for some military green cargo pants.

She accessorized this look by carrying a shoulder bag, putting on a pair of black sunglasses, and her brown hair in a high bun.

Addison Rae walking down the street

Addison Rae and the relationship with her body and fashion

Becoming a celebrity can be overwhelming, which has not changed for Addison Rae.

She told Elle magazine about how social media can sometimes be toxic, as well as having people who will always want to make rude and cruel comments to her. She thinks, “if everyone just learned to love themselves, they’d have less to say about other people.”

Luckily, she has learned how to deal with those comments and not let them affect her. The 22-year-old stated that she feels comfortable with her body and that her style has evolved so much in the past years to the point where she cannot recognize her old self.

Rae also talked about what she has learned from fashion, including how vital jewelry is and how much it can elevate an outfit. She said she loves slip dresses and fishnets because they make her look sexy “without being too much.”

If there is also something else she has learned, it is what looks good on her type of body and what makes her feel confident. And that confidence can be seen by just looking at her pictures on Instagram or even her TikToks.

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