Addison Rae in skintight shorts and crop top for workout time

Addison Rae on the red carpet at the amfAR gala
Addison Rae sports skintight shorts and a crop top for Pilates workout. Photo credit: ©

Addison Rae sported black skintight shorts and a crop top as she left her Pilates class for the day.

The 21-year-old TikTok star looked fit and refreshed as she walked down the streets of West Hollywood in her workout gear. Her athletic get-up isn’t surprising as Rae is known for her intense workout routines.

She once even outdid Kim Kardashian when the two got together to try Rae’s grueling booty workout.

Rae first shot to fame just 3 short years ago at the age of 19 when she went viral on TikTok. Now, she is the fourth most followed user on the platform with over 88 million followers.

Between her frequent TikTok videos and budding acting career, the young star has a lot on her plate.

However, she still manages to get her workout routine in and frequently wows fans with her incredibly toned figure.

Addison Rae rocked her athletic get-up for workout time

Rae looked stunning on the walk home from her Pilates class in West Hollywood.

She donned a simple outfit of a skintight black crop top with matching black spandex shorts. She complimented the outfit with a matching black headband that kept her long brunette hair pulled back from her face.

Additionally, she added a few touches of jewelry with pearl earrings and a gold-chained necklace.

To brighten up the day, Rae also donned some bright yellow sticker stars on her face.

Rae looked toned, fit, and refreshed after her workout, snug in some comfy-looking Ugg boots and clutching her phone and purse in her hand as she crossed the street.

Addison Rae walks home from Pilates class wearing matching skin-tight black crop top and shorts
Addison Rae looks toned and fit in her skintight shorts and crop top after Pilates class. Photo credit: RMLA/Backgrid

Rae attended Pilates class amidst family drama

Rae attended her Pilates class in her stunning athletic get-up amidst ongoing family drama.

The young star’s family drama largely centers on her parents, Sheri Nicole Easterling and Monty Lopez. Rae’s fame propelled both her parents into the spotlight, as they shared in their daughter’s stardom.

However, things started to crumble when Rae’s parents underwent a public divorce amidst allegations that Lopez had an affair.

When Easterling attended the MTV Video Music Awards as rapper Yung Gravy’s date, it stirred up further drama. Things turned very awkward when Lopez challenged Yung Gravy to a boxing match in a now-deleted TikTok.

Rae’s supporters have felt bad for her, as attention is shifting towards her parents’ drama instead of focusing on her. However, despite the recent family drama, she looked at ease and refreshed as she went about her day and got some workout time in.

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