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Addison Rae in black bra lounges on couch

Addison Rae poses on a couch wearing a black bra in her latest shoot. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram
Addison Rae poses on a couch wearing a black bra in her latest shoot. Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

Addison Rae is throwing herself into work with a photoshoot shared on her social media.

She shared the photo on her Instagram Stories for the enjoyment of her viewers.

Although Addison’s 39.6M followers couldn’t publicly comment on the IG Story, many likely approved of the share.

The TikTok sensation posted a black and white photo with the influencer hitting her angles.

The Item Beauty and Addison Rae Fragrance face wore a black bra and a white shirt which only had the top button fastened, leaving the rest of the garment open.

She paired the shirt and bra combo with black high-waisted slacks.

Addison Rae goes black and white for new shoot

Addison held her long dark locks with one hand and placed the other on the dark couch for support.

Addison’s toned abs were visible, likely the result of years as a competitive dancer. Addison looked down and to the side with her mouth slightly ajar. She posed on a sectional couch that fit the room’s corner, with drapery hanging behind her.

Addison wore lip color, winged eyeliner, and small hoop earrings.

addison rae
Pic credit: @addisonraee/Instagram

As Addison’s parents cause headlines of their own, the 21-year-old has thrown herself into work and unfollowed her mother and father.

Addison Rae has major family drama from her parents, Monty and Sheri

At 21 years old, Addison is a breadwinner for her family and has been since she launched into celebrity status following a viral TikTok video when she was in her first semester at LSU.

Addison moved to Los Angeles mid-semester with her mom in tow, and she has remained there ever since. Recently, her parents have made headlines for their questionable behavior.

Addison’s father, Monty Lopez, reportedly had a multiple-long month affair with a 25-year-old. He misled the young woman into believing he was single when he had a family and wife. The news made headlines in July, causing Addison to unfollow her dad. Then, Addison’s mom Sheri publicly tweeted cryptic messages about the situation. Addison eventually unfollowed her too.

Addison’s mom attended the 2022 MTV VMA’s last month with Yung Gravy, a rapper nearly 20 years her junior.

Addison has been a big proponent of therapy, which could help her during these trying times.

She told Elle, “I also started therapy, and that is a tool for me to have an outlet and be able to speak my mind and get advice from someone who’s on the outside… I do it once a week right now. But sometimes I’ll do it twice a week if I’m having a rough time.”

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