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Addison Rae is picture of elegance in lace as she models diamonds

addison rae
Addison Rae is a vision in a sheer lace dress for Remix magazine. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Addison Rae has remained focused on her career, covering magazines and slaying photoshoots as her parents’ drama unfolds in real-time.

Addison jetted to Italy after a few scandals, one involving her “sacrilegious bikini” and another involving her parent’s messy cheating scandals.

Addison’s latest efforts are for Remix magazine, where she had a photoshoot with retro vibes and feminine elegance. Addison also graced the cover of the New Zealand-based magazine in an edition focused on Gen Z influencers.

But the Louisiana native has kept her eye on the prize, engaging in multiple photoshoots and looking gorgeous while doing so.

She wrote in the caption, “humpty duuuuuuumpty from the shoooooooooooooot.”

The first part of the post featured a video of Addison lounging on a chair as she nibbled on a strand of diamonds.

Addison Rae shares jaw-dropping Remix photoshoot

She wore a white lace dress and an oversized diamond-embellished choker for the luxurious clip.

Next, Addison sat on the ground in a black-and-white shot, wearing a black lace ensemble and nothing underneath.

A tag hung from the sheer lace ensemble and read Norma Kamali, the designer of the elegant piece. Addison wore black close-toed pumps with multiple tied laces decorating the shoe.

Remix offered a snippet of the interview, where Addison spoke about going to the 2022 Met Gala. She said, “I’m a very talkative person. I can communicate with anyone. But when I saw Nicki Minaj, I wanted to s**t my pants.”

Addison Rae’s mom attends VMAs with Yung Gravy

As an influencer whose entire fame is based on social media, unfollowing is a statement. So when Addison unfollowed both of her parents earlier this month, it was clear the 21-year-old meant business.

Addison’s dad, Monty Lopez, was involved in a cheating scandal where he allegedly tricked a young woman into a relationship with him. The woman, Renee Ash, spoke to Page Six after she learned that Monty was married with a family. She apologized to the family and explained that she had no idea her “boyfriend” was married.

At the same time, Addison’s scorned mom, Sheri Easterling, shared cryptic posts on social media, which Addison may not have appreciated because she unfollowed her mother too.

And if Addison disapproved of Sheri’s cryptic posts, she likely wouldn’t appreciate her mother attending the 2022 MTV VMAs with a public figure known for posting memes.

Sheri attended the event with Yung Gravy in a skin-bearing dress that left little to the imagination.