Adam Sandler explains story behind ‘pathetic’ face injury that bled all over

Adam Sandler on The Tonight Show
Adam Sandler went on The Tonight Show and addressed his apparent eye injury. Pic credit: NBC

Adam Sandler exposed the “pathetic” way he gave himself a black eye during his recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Before diving into his wife’s grandmother’s 106th birthday, and his latest Netflix film, Fallon pointed out Sandler’s unmissable face injury, which appeared to be a bruise and cut around his left eye.

The Uncut Gems actor, 55, told Fallon that he did, in fact, have an accident but that everything was alright. “I wish it was a good story, it’s pathetic,” he said.

Sandler gave himself a black eye with his iPhone

The comedian continued to tell the story of how he managed to cut his eye at four in the morning while trying to get comfortable in bed.

Sandler said that the sheets on the mattress were tucked in, which made him feel “squished.” He also said that he had his phone near him in the bed as he joked about how he “checks his net worth” before going to sleep.

In an attempt to get comfortable and free his legs, he kicked the sheets and caused the phone to fly, hitting him directly in the eye.

“Anyways, I was bleeding terribly,” he said. “It was pitch black in the room, and I feel wetness, I tricked myself, and I go ‘those are probably thick tears’ because I was so tired.”

He continued to say that he put a pillow over his face to stop the bleeding that night, but the wound was still gushing in the morning, and there was blood all over the bed.

“I said, ‘I gotta get this fixed,’ so I went to the Apple Store,” Sandler joked in his true comedic fashion.

Sandler talked about his new film Hustle on The Tonight Show

After clearing up any speculation surrounding his black eye, Sandler spoke about his new basketball Netflix comedy, Hustle.

Sandler talked about the film’s premise, which is about a scout discovering a player abroad and bringing him in for the NBA, along with working alongside Lebron James and his production company, SpringHill.

“It was awesome, and I got to know LeBron a little bit,” Sandler said. “And I asked him, I do play a lot of hoops, so I wanted to get a quick tip, and I said, ‘Anything you can suggest to fix my game?’ And he goes, ‘It’s very simple, you should definitely get a full-body transplant.'”

“That right there, I would want to see this movie. LeBron James and Adam Sandler, I’m in,” Fallon replied.

Hustle will officially be available to watch on Netflix starting Wednesday, June 8.

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