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Actress Jami Alex in thigh-skimming minidress for ‘subtle look’ on film

Jami Alix
Jami Alix offered some model-esque looks on film photos for her followers. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Jami Alix made a huge splash for her role as Lea in Netflix’s new limited series Boo, Bitch and she shares just as many cute looks in real life as she does on screen.

Though she’s skilled in comedy and selfies, it seems that Jami also has an affinity for photos on film, as she has posted several film shots of herself and friends/costars throughout the last week.

Most recently, she shared a full post of 10 photos with her 177,000+ followers, showing off her slender figure and even going for a subtle topless look.

Jami Alex gives leggy display and goes topless for film photos

Jami’s post opens with a full-body shot as she poses in front of the tall windows of an upper-story building. She has on a short pink feathery minidress and clear heels as she poses, channeling Ariana Grande with the look.

As viewers swipe right, there are two additional shots in the same dress before the outfit changes. Her second outfit features chunky white heels and a matching pink suit jacket and shorts. The jacket is left open, showing a glimpse of the white bra underneath.

Fans can also see her in all denim, giving some of her best model poses in a feathered and shimmering black robe, with a few additional shots of the denim outfit and pink shorts before the last photo.

Going for a more natural look, the last photo shows Jami standing with her hands in the front of her jean pockets, opting to go without a shirt. Her long blonde locks cover her chest for this look as she gazes to the side.

She captioned the post, “a feathery lil flamingo on film + more very subtle looks.”

Jami Alix on her role as Lea in Boo, Bitch

Speaking with The Untitled Magazine, Jami opened up about her love for comedy, acting, her dogs, and her role as Lea in Boo, Bitch.

She revealed that her real biggest inspiration to pursue acting was the ability “to feel like a kid again.”

She said, “My sincere answer is that acting connects me to my younger self. When I started taking it really seriously, it became an outlet for me to feel like a kid again. I could play and be weird and celebrate all the wonderful unsexy parts of myself if that makes sense. I just know that whenever I feel like a kid again, I’m doing something right.”

As far as playing Lea, she insightfully noted, “Lea is a LOT,” before adding, “I am also a lot, and that’s probably why it was so easy for me to understand her perspective on life. The stakes are so high for every situation she’s in, and it often times feels like life or death. The thing I love the most about her is that she is so unapologetic about what she wants and how she’s going to get it.”

As for Jami, she teased that she could be in the On My Block spinoff Freeridge, though her character there is nothing like Lea.

Boo, Bitch is now streaming on Netflix.

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