Actress Arlene Dahl dies at 96

Arlene Dahl in May 2003 at Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute to Susan Sarandon
Arlene Dahl at the Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute to Susan Sarandon at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall in New York City. Pic credit: ©

Actress Arlene Dahl passed away Monday morning at the age of 96. At this time, no cause of death has been given.

Many people remember Dahl for her charm and bright red hair on television and her many marriages throughout her career.

Dahl’s son Lorenzo Lamas describes her as forgiving, dignified, and being a “true force of nature” in an Instagram post announcing her passing.

Lorenzo Lamas wrote that they became closer during his adult life and considered her to be his “life counselor.”

Dahl appeared on Lamas’ shows Renegade and Air America.

Lamas’ father was Fernando Lamas, an Argentine-American actor, and director who was Dahl’s second husband.

Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas were married for seven years before he reportedly left her for Esther Williams.

Lamas notes that she spent the last 37 years with Marc Rosen, who remembers her fondly in an Instagram post of his own.

Rosen posted his own favorite picture of Dahl and noted, “She was luminous spirit and I will love her always.”

While family and fans are mourning her loss, many fans are looking back on some of Dahl’s more iconic roles throughout history.

Arlene Dahl’s life and career in film and television

Arlene Dahl was born in Minneapolis in 1925. She joined drama groups in high school before eventually making her way to Broadway plays. Many people remember her for the way her red hair looked in technicolor film.

Dahl starred in many films during the late 1940s and 1950s, first being credited in the musical My Wild Irish Rose in 1947 after being signed by Warner Bros. It wasn’t long before she moved to MGM and starred in films such as A Southern Yankee.

Some of her most notable films in the 1950s were Journey to the Center of the Earth and Three Little Words, but she appeared in quite a few other films as well.

Her more popular appearances include Watch the Birdie, Here Come the Girls, Jamaica Run, and Bengal Brigade.

After film, Dahl spent a lot of time on television, but she also wrote an advice book and had a column on beauty tips. Dahl designed lingerie and exercise outfits herself and had her own perfume.

Dahl is known for her three years on One Live to Live in the 80s and made many appearances on The Love Boat.

Aside from her professional successes, Dahl received a lot of attention for her many marriages throughout her career.

Arlene Dahl’s many marriages

Arlene Dahl was married six times throughout her life, with many variations in her husbands’ careers.

Her first marriage was to performer Lex Barker, and it only lasted about seven months. Her second marriage was to actor Fernando Lamas, which lasted seven years.

Her other marriages include the heir to Fleischman’s yeast, Christopher Holmes, wine importer Alexis Lichine and investor Rounsevelle Schaum. All of these marriages ended in divorce for Dahl.

However, for the last 37 years, Arlene Dahl was married to businessman Marc Rosen. Although the couple’s relationship seems to be rather private, the two appear to have shared a lot of happiness together.

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