A statue of baby Jesus in Mexico looks like a cross between Phil Collins and Nicolas Cage

Phil Collins and the baby Jesus statue
Phil Collins on stage at a Live Aid concert in 1985. Pic credit: ©

A church in Mexico has erected a giant statue of baby Jesus that looks remarkably like Phil Collins — with a dash of Nicolas Cage. It is thought that the 22-foot, 2000-pound statue might actually be the largest baby Jesus in the world.

The statue bears a striking resemblance to 80s-era Phil Collins. The hairstyle appears to be closely modeled on the singer’s mullet of that time. Much like Collins, the statue has a receding hairline.

It is the curling widow’s peak that truly makes it a dead ringer for the singer. At this time, there is no evidence to suggest that it wasn’t, in fact, Collins who copied his look from baby Jesus.

Folks were quick to point out the similarities of the statue with the Genesis star on Twitter.

Some folks could barely contain their excitement over the news from Mexico.

Others have pointed out that the statue’s bright blue eyes give it a similarity to actor Nicolas Cage.

The Rev. Humberto Rodriguez allegedly stated that he meant the statue to “fit the church,” however, this instruction means that they have inadvertently created the largest statue of baby Jesus. The Reverand apparently had nothing to say about the statue’s resemblance to the Genesis frontman or Con Air star.

Nicolas Cage posing at a film awards
Nicolas Cage at the 70th Venice Film Festival. Pic credit: ©

The statue was built in the city of Chimalhuacán, by sculptor Roman Salvador. It then traveled for 12 years to the city of Guadalupe in the state of Zacatecas in central Mexico. There, it was erected in La Epifania del Senor church. It is made from fiberglass, resin, automotive paste, and automotive paint.

The church has now reportedly contacted the Guinness World Records organization to start the process of confirming that they have beaten the world record.

Neither Phil Collins, singer of “Something happened on the way to Heaven,” nor Nicolas Cage, star of Left Behind, has commented on the appearance of their doppelganger.

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