A dancer twerked on Michelle Obama at a Christina Aguilera concert

Michelle Obama after a speech
Michelle Obama was in Vegas to give a speech at a conference as well as attending Christina Aguilera’s concert. Pic credit: © Admedia

Michelle Obama was living it up in Las Vegas at a Christina Aguilera concert when one of the singer’s male backing dancers actually twerked on the first lady.

It appears to have been a case of what happens in Vegas not staying in Vegas as news from TMZ has emerged that Flotus attended Christina’s The Xperience Wednesday night at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater.

By all accounts, Obama was having a fantastic time bopping away with her pals at the concert.

The dancer twerked at Michelle Obama as Christina Aguilera sang Lady Marmalade

As Aguilera began her rendition of Lady Marmalade, she made her way through the audience in a procession flanked by her dancers. Michelle was singled out by one of the male dancers, who did not hesitate to shake his booty at the former First Lady.

I forgot to mention the dancer was completely shirtless, but 56-year-old Michelle and her friends didn’t seem to mind that all.

In fact, she kept the party going by clapping her hands together and dancing, and she then pretended to give the guy a few butt slaps.

The dancer who was wearing black shorts with golden chaps held onto a small wall/partition thing in front of the ladies as he twerked. He then climbed up on the partition and continued dancing.

When he eventually moved on, Michelle continued dancing in her seat.

Christina Aguilera then strutted past the first lady and her pals belting out the lyrics to Lady Marmalade. Obama and the whole audience danced and cheered raucously.

Obama was reportedly on a girls’ night after speaking earlier that day at the Ultimate Software Connections Conference. So I guess she wasn’t just in Vegas for fun then. You know what they say, work hard and play hard.

Michelle Obama enjoyed the concert

TMZ tells us that the ladies thoroughly enjoyed Aguilera’s concert and that the group was led out afterward by security.

We’re assuming this wasn’t for any particular infraction by the pals but just part of the former first lady’s security routine, although, who can be sure?

The Obama family continues to be very much in the public eye, and there is a lot of interest in the family beyond politics.

Last year there was a buzz of excitement around daughter Sasha Obama as she attended her high school prom with her boyfriend, Chris Milton.

The Obamas were the subject of TV show People Icons, a collaboration between ABC News and People Magazine, that showcased iconic people who had appeared in the magazine.

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