92-year-old Wheel of Fortune contestant impresses Vanna White and Pat Sajak: ‘Favorite show in 41 years’

Pat and Vanna were impressed by a 92-year-old Wheel of Fortune contestant. Pic credit: ©

A 92-year-old Wheel of Fortune contestant won over viewers and co-hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White with her victory on the popular weeknight game show.

Liz and her son, KC, appeared as a two-person team during Wheel of Fortune’s Home for the Holidays week-long special featuring contestants who teamed up in pairs to take on two other duos.

During their introduction, KC sang his mother’s praises, sharing her life story and experiences.

“This is my mom; she’s 92 years old. She spent the first 88 years of her life in Oklahoma with my dad,” KC shared.

“They, for 62 years, traveled the world, a hundred countries and seven continents. He passed, [then] she moved down five years ago to be with me,” he added.

After their introductions, Liz wowed the Wheel of Fortune crowd, Pat, and Vanna, as she zipped through puzzles, solving them with ease.

Mother-son duo Liz and KC wows Wheel of Fortune viewers and hosts with their puzzle-solving skills

Throughout the show, Liz used her hand to cover her mouth as she whispered her answers to KC, solving most of the puzzles and impressing Pat with each answer.

Liz and KC ended up winning $25,500 and advanced to the bonus round, where they solved another puzzle correctly for an additional $40,000 from the prize card, adding up to $65,500 in total winnings for the evening.

Liz sat down with Vanna White to discuss her Wheel of Fortune experience following the episode.

Admittedly, Liz’s segment accounted for Vanna’s most memorable episode, which is saying something, considering that Vanna has been turning tiles on Wheel of Fortune for more than four decades.

Vanna White gushes: ‘You made this show so special!’

“Liz, I have to tell you, you are my favorite show in 41 years. You made this show so special! Thank you so much!” Vanna told her.

Liz was tickled pink by Vanna’s remarks and was nearly brought to tears of joy.

In response, Liz told Vanna, “It couldn’t have happened without you. It’s been a real, real ride. I loved every minute of it.”

Vanna wasn’t the only one to chat with Liz following their episode.

Liz gushed to Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, about her Wheel of Fortune experience

Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, who serves as Wheel of Fortune’s Social Correspondent, sat down with Liz and her son, KC, to discuss their experience.

Liz admitted that although she’s been on many adventures in her 92 years, her appearance on Wheel of Fortune was “way up at the top.”

Liz called her experience on Wheel of Fortune the “cherry on top of the ice cream soda.”

For his part, KC said the entire crew at Wheel of Fortune treated himself and his mom like “royalty” and said that their experience completed his bucket list.

KC also shared that Liz, a longtime fan of the show, really pushed to become a contestant after learning that it would be Pat Sajak’s final year as host of Wheel of Fortune.

As it turns out, Wheel of Fortune also holds a special place in Liz’s heart. That’s because before her husband passed, it was the last show they watched together as husband and wife.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights on ABC.

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