90 Day Fiance: Karine Staehle shows off her fall style in crop top and bike shorts

A picture of Karine Staehle in red eyeshadow.
A picture of Karine Staehle staring at the camera. Pic credit: @staehlekarine/Instagram

Starring on a popular reality TV show like 90 Day Fiance has opened tons of doors for Karine Staehle who now classifies herself as a public figure, according to her social media bio.

The reality TV star genuinely enjoys having fun with makeup, based on the content she posts for her followers to see.

There’s no denying the fact that makeup is often thought of as an art form by plenty of people in the world since so many people have been able to turn it into a career.

For Karine, makeup matters a lot, but so do the comfortable and casual clothes she chooses to wear on a regular basis.

Karine recently shared some footage of herself wearing an outfit that made her look absolutely fabulous. It wasn’t incredibly dressy, but it was still super trendy.

Not too long before that, she also showed off some of her makeup artwork in a Reel that happens to be totally perfect for a spooky season.

Karine Staehle stands out in orange

Karine wore an orange-colored matching set in a video she shared on social media. The set consisted of an orange crop top, matching biker shorts, and a lengthy cardigan.

The crop top was short enough to show off some inches of skin over her stomach area. The biker shorts were high-waisted and stopped about halfway down her thighs.

Karine Staehle poses in an orange-colored outfit.
Karine Staehle wore an orange matching set. Pic credit: @staehlekarine/Instagram

The cardigan was long-sleeved, but she bunched up the sleeves around her elbows. It was also incredibly long in the back, dropping down as low as her knees.

Karine kept her makeup completely simple in the footage and wore her shiny black hair parted down the middle at shoulder length. She was also rocking acrylic nails with clear bases and blue tips.

90 Day Fiance star Karine Staehle is ready for spooky season

Karine shared a fun, silly, and playful video for her followers to see wearing some very interesting spooky season makeup. She painted her lips completely black and drew dark lines with Xs across her lower cheekbones.

On the tip of her nose, she added an orange center with a block circle. Karine wore a SpongeBob SquarePants T-shirt in a bright yellow color that showed off the iconic cartoon character’s bright blue eyes.

On her head, Karine wore a Mickey Mouse hat with rounded black ears and a sparkling purple cone in the center. The cone was meant to represent the hat a witch would wear, along with orange trim and an orange bow.

Just like in her other video, Karine’s nails remained the same with blue tips and clear bases. Another added detail in her video is the fact that she left a black lipstick print on her hand.