7 times Britney Spears made an appearance on a TV show

Britney Spears at the World Premiere Of Sony Pictures' 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood'
Seven times Britney Spears made an appearance on a TV show. Pic credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Queen of Pop? More like the Queen of TV Appearances.

Britney Spears may be known for her bubblegum pop music, but the singer has also proven her acting chops in several TV shows over the years.

Although she’s only appeared on the big screen once, in the movie Crossroads, fans can enjoy her guest appearances by re-watching TV shows.

With many of her guest appearances, she proves that she is funny and can act.

Read on for seven times Britney appeared in TV shows.

Britney Spears appeared on Will & Grace

Back in 2006, Britney showed off her political side when she guest-starred on the eighth season of Will & Grace.

She played Amber-Louise, a right-wing talk show host with a big secret: she was a lesbian, emphasizing her ultra-religious views to land major TV success.

Britney Spears appeared in two episodes of How I Met Your Mother

In 2008, Britney guest-starred in season three of How I Met Your Mother.

Over two episodes, she appeared as Abby, a receptionist who had fallen hopelessly in love with Ted (Josh Radnor) but winds up dating Barney (Neil Patrick Harris).

Britney Spears made a cameo on Kenan & Kel

In 1999, Britney appeared as herself on the Nickelodeon comedy Kenan & Kel.

During the episode, Kenan fainted when he saw the pop star, while Kel pretended to be her hairstylist.

He gave her some unfortunate green highlights, much to her dismay.

Glee had an entire episode dedicated to Britney Spears

Glee paid tribute to Britney by dedicating an entire episode in season two to the pop star.

In the episode titled Britney/Brittany, Glee member Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris) has a hallucination in which she recreates some of Britney’s most famous music videos.

Britney made several cameos throughout the episode.

Britney Spears voice acted for an episode of The Simpsons

You know you’ve made it when you appear in an episode of The Simpsons.

Britney was turned into a cartoon character for a 2000 episode of The Simpsons titled The Mansion Family.

During the episode, she wore her outfit from Baby One More Time and hosted the Springfield Pride Awards.  

Britney Spears appeared on Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Britney appeared as herself on an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch titled No Place Home.

During the episode, Sabrina is bummed out about missing a Britney concert, but the singer pops up in her bedroom for a private performance of (You Drive Me) Crazy and teaches Sabrina some dance moves.

Melissa Joan Hart returned the favor by appearing in Britney’s music video for (You Drive Me) Crazy.

Britney Spears appeared in an episode of Jane the Virgin

In a 2015 episode of Jane the Virgin, titled Chapter Twenty-Seven, Britney shows off her dance moves.

During the episode, she also attempted to resolve a feud with her former BFF, Rogelio de la Vega.

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