Teairra Mari leaked pics and sex tape: 50 Cent accused as top lawyer Lisa Bloom on the case

50 Cent Teairra Mari leaked video and pics
50 Cent has been accused of working with Teairra’s ex to leak the sex tape and photos. Pic credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

Teairra Mari wasn’t joking when she said she was going to get to the bottom of who was behind her sex tape leak.

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has lawyered up. Leading sexual harassment attorney Lisa Bloom is on the case and she’s accusing Teairra’s ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad and 50 Cent of working together to illegally share Teairra’s private pics and video.

Lisa Bloom is gearing up for a press conference to discuss the sex tape leak accusations and her plan of action.

The Blast was first to report that Teairra and Lisa believe that it wasn’t just ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad who allegedly violated Teairra Mari with the sex tape leak.

They’re also going after 50 Cent, who has been accused of assisting Abdul-Ahad in making sure the images were seen by as many people as possible.


Teairra Mari’s ex-boyfriend is reportedly very good friends with 50 Cent, and they aappear together on Abdul-Ahad’s Instagram account multiple times. Teairra Mari and Lisa Bloom are claiming that Abdul-Ahad stole Teairra’s password and then posted the leaked sex tape and photos on her Instagram account.

50 Cent then allegedly got involved by quickly reposting the images before Teairra learned about the password hack and deleted the whole mess. As 50 Cent has 18 million followers on Instagram, plenty of pictures were passed around before the picture-sharing social network could get them all removed.

When Instagram removed 50 Cent’s reposted photos, the rapper got upset. He even threatened to leave the social media network and head back to Twitter, complaining that he was censored by the removal of Teairra’s leaked photos.

When he heard about Teairra Mari working with Lisa Bloom to get justice for the violation, 50 Cent shared his opinion on Instagram yet again.

He doesn’t seem to take the legal threat too seriously, responding to news of the possible lawsuit by posting a photo of himself and Lisa Bloom’s mother, Gloria Alred, holding hands and smiling.

He captioned the photo, “Oh Lisa stop, ?don’t make me tell your mom. LOL Photo Credit: GloriaAllred.com.”

Those who follow 50 already know this isn’t the first time he’s faced legal trouble for posting someone else’s sex tape.

Lastonia Leviston sued the rapper for posting her private sex tape to a website that he owned back in 2009. 50 was ordered to pay up to the tune of $6million for that overshare, amid all his now-famous bankruptcy drama.


50 Cent now appears to be looking at another lawsuit. Lisa Bloom has earned a reputation in Hollywood and when she comes collecting for a leaked sex tape, 50 may just have to pay up.

After all, we already know he posted screenshots from the video to Instagram and the picture of him complaining about their removal is still there.

Let’s hope Teairra Mari is taping this process for the next season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. After that fiasco with Cisco last season, this will make for one heck of a storyline!

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