10 best Britney Spears songs of all time

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Britney Spears’s top 10 best songs ranked. Pic credit: ©

There’s a reason why Britney Spears is known as the Princess of Pop even now that she isn’t a teenager. The late 90s and early 2000s pop star released many hit songs that fans still enjoy today.

Britney was a sensation from the very beginning and her music has become stronger over time, especially as fans supported her while she fought to end her conservatorship.

Now that her conservatorship has ended, it’s unclear whether or not Britney will make new music, but her old releases still hold up today.

While fans wait for potential new music from Britney Spears, here’s a look at her top 10 best songs over the years.

10. Lucky (2000)

Britney’s song Lucky was released on her second album, Oops! … I Did It Again in 2000, eight years before her conservatorship began. 

Lucky tells the story of a girl who looks like she has it all when it comes to fame, riches, and beauty, but she’s still lacking something in her life, resulting in tears that “come at night.” 

Lucky almost sounds like a foreshadowing of what was to come in Britney’s life, but only she can say whether or not she was struggling with her family when the song came out. 

The next song on the list goes even deeper into who Britney is and some of the struggles she faced in her iconic year 2007.

9. Piece of Me (2007)

In February of 2007, Britney Spears shaved her head in front of paparazzi cameras. For some, this moment was the quintessential turning point of Britney’s decline in mental health and the beginning of her conservatorship. 

For others, maybe even Britney herself, this was a statement of the harsh reality of living in front of the paparazzi and trying to find yourself amongst your fame. 

Britney’s song Piece of Me came out in November that same year, months after she shaved her head. 

Britney opens the song with the line, “I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17” and continues in the chorus, “You want a piece of me.”

However, some have noted that this was said as more of a statement than a challenge; Britney knew that she was highly desired among the paparazzi and fans for her fame. 

8. I’m a Slave 4 U (2001)

September 6, 2001: Britney Spears was almost 20-years-old and had already made her strong debut into the world of music when she went to the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. 

That was where the star introduced her song I’m a Slave 4 U and had her iconic performance with the yellow Burmese python on her shoulders. The risks paid off as I’m a Slave 4 U is one of her most critically acclaimed songs and made her debut into being an adult. 

7. Gimme More (2007)

From teenage pop princess to full-blown adult, Britney’s music had to take a turn to prove that she wasn’t a child anymore as she aged into her mid-20s. 

Gimme More is a great example of Britney drawing that line, proving that she was an adult who made music for adults, not necessarily for teenagers. 

The song starts with the iconic line, “It’s Britney, b***h,” which has stuck with fans ever since. 

6. Stronger (2000)

Stronger was a powerful song when it was released over twenty years ago, but the lyrics resonate strongly with Britney today now that she has been released from her conservatorship. 

When the song came out, Britney was still a teenager but wanted the world to know that she could take anything anyone threw at her and that she didn’t belong to anyone but herself. 

Now that Britney’s conservatorship has ended, the star is free again to live as she pleases as an adult and be happy on her own terms. 

5. Womanizer (2008)

Britney’s single Womanizer went back to a lot of the same sounds used in her first two albums, providing a strong pop beat and fun, catchy chorus 

Not only was the song fun, but it topped charts as her first Hot 100 No. 1 since Baby One More Time years before. 

The music video opens up with an iconic shot of Britney steaming naked and frequently comes back to the shot as the music video progresses. 

Although the video follows a man who plays the part of the womanizer, he frequently gets what he deserves throughout the video, Britney never faltering in her desire to come out on top. 

4. (You Drive Me) Crazy (1999)

(You Drive Me) Crazy takes the title as Britney’s third single from her 1999 album,…Baby One More Time. 

The song features softer verses that build up to an intense chorus that quickly became a teen hit. 

Britney managed to make a pop song that included cowbell and made it a smash hit that fans loved.

3. Oops! … I Did It Again (2000)

Possibly one of Britney’s most recognizable songs, Oops! … I Did It Again comes in at number three. Her second album takes after the name of this song and pushed her career even further. 

The album featured several singles including the title song, in which Britney feigns innocence in accidentally breaking someone’s heart. Whether she was innocent or not, the song came out effortlessly and pushed her further ahead as the Princess of Pop. 

Not only did the song capture fans, but the iconic music video was captivating. Britney’s incredible red leather suit has stuck with fans for years. 

2. … Baby One More Time (1998)

Perhaps Britney’s most iconic song and music video, …Baby One More Time brought Britney to fame at the tail end of the 90s. 

The music video captivated fans as they watched the teenage girl sing and dance in her schoolgirl outfit, wearing knee-high socks and pigtails and dancing in what some perceived as seductive. Many believed it was entirely inappropriate to have her in a school uniform for the video, but nonetheless, it became a hit. 

The song made her almost instantly recognizable for her voice and charisma, bringing her to teen stardom. 

The American Family Association even called for a boycott of Britney’s album and her following tour after the release of the video and her 1999 Rolling Stone magazine cover. However, their attempts were unsuccessful in impacting Britney’s road to fame.

1. Toxic (2003)

It’s hard for many fans to choose what the best Britney Spears song is, but her hit Toxic has gained a lot of support and love over the years. 

Britney was handling her publicized breakup with Justin Timberlake and some of her new singles weren’t doing as well as others had, but in 2003 she had Toxic, which was a hit. 

The song has a hypnotic pop tune with screeching sounds and unique guitar backgrounds. 

The unique sound of Toxic paired with Britney’s captivating vocals makes it her best song, as it hooks fans in every time. 

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