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‘Born to Run’ Review

born-to-run-review-picBefore I start, full disclosure: I injured the tendons in my right leg training for a race in 2013 and my ankle hasn’t been the same since.

I went through a whole production line of doctors and specialists who failed to get to the bottom of the injury and basically ended up saying, ‘we’re not sure what’s wrong, but if you let us slice you open we might be able to find out’. Er, no thanks!

So after shunning the surgeon’s knife I had to try and deal with the problem – by at least stopping it get worse – myself.

I hurt myself while running in sneakers fitted with insoles after some college kid in a shoe shop told me I needed them because I was “over-pronating”.

After reading up, I have since reached my own conclusion that most modern-day running injuries are caused by two main things:

1) Unbalanced and weak muscles – mainly in our core – which, thanks to our modern-day sedentary lifestyle, mean our bodies can’t cope when we suddenly put them through the trauma of running.

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