Vikings Season 5: Sifting through the corpses of the mid-season finale

Season 5 of Vikings on History reached its midpoint with less bloodshed than we expected. Here TV critics Ernie Estrella and April Neale resume their discussion about this beloved dramatic series created by Michael Hirst and starring Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, who appears to have numbered days left thanks to the insane, youngest son of

Legion recap: David’s changeling parasite takes a bow in Chapter 5

The mid-point of Legion is quickly peeling away the covers as we see how David’s mutant mind clicks. But this week was a psycho ride down a few rabbit holes that culminated in a bizarre group therapy scene with Walter (The Eye) and the gang at Summerland. Cary is able to save Kerry back at

Legion recap: When David’s memories bite back

In Chapter 2, the memory artist Ptolomy (Jeremie Harris) only scratches the surface of David’s complex psychosis, which include a traumatic bedtime book, a burnout friend (Aubrey Plaza) and a tight bond between David and his sister Amy (Katie Aselton). Last we left David, he discovered the ability to psychically travel to his sister and

Vikings recap: Lagertha is ‘roastmaster’ while Ivar outthinks Wessex army

We are winding down this season of Vikings with the interplay of the raiding sons of Ragnar, and Lagertha’s constant tests in Kattegat. Season 4, Episode 19, titled On the Eve, was a bloody (almost) coup in Kattegat that saw the shieldmaidens triumph over King Harald’s stragglers and the plant, Egil the Bastard, the minion

Vikings recap: Revenge served blood eagle style, and Wessex is next

The energy of Vikings post-Ragnar Lothbrok could have been the undoing of the series. Luckily we have such a cast and interesting array of characters that though the exit of lead actor Travis Fimmel as Ragnar stung for fans, it has been soothed by the interplay of his sons and the power vacuum it left


Vikings recap: Ragnar’s sons rally in The Great Army

Instead of wallowing in the death and misery of this past season, in the latest episode of Vikings the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok use Odin’s grave message as a rallying point call to arms to regroup and assemble the largest military strike Western Europe had seen to that point, “The Great Army”, also known by