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Tower Of God Season 2 release date: Kami no Tou Season 2 predictions for Crunchyroll Originals

Tower Of God character art
The Tower Of God Season 2 anime will be based on Kami no Tou Season 2 of the South Korean manhwa series. Pic credit: S.I.U.

The Tower Of God Season 2 anime will introduce two new main protagonists named Jue Viole Grace and Ja Wangnan in addition to revealing what’s become of Bam. But when will Kami no Tou Season 2 come out?

After all, Tower Of God Episode 13 leaves audiences on such a cliffhanger that it would almost be cruel not to renew the anime.

The Tower Of God anime is essentially a test case for the first wave of 2020 Crunchyroll Originals, which includes anime such as In/Spectre and several others. Will the Crunchyroll exclusive anime be like Netflix, which has historically renewed many of its anime for multiple seasons?

Kami no Tou is also the first South Korean manhwa to be adapted into an anime and make it the top of Crunchyroll’s popular anime list right next to Black Clover, One Piece, and My Hero Academia (see our article on the My Hero Academia Season 5 anime).

Other than being popular on its own merit, part of the reason the anime stands out is that it was one of the few spring 2020 anime that was not delayed by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic. According to an animator subcontractor named Giory, the production schedule was tight but the animation was completely finished before the pandemic began, so there should not be any delays.

On the other hand, big-name competitors like the Re:ZERO Season 2 anime and the final season of the Sword Art Online: Alicization anime were delayed by months. This fact allowed the first season of Tower Of God to essentially stand alone as the best new anime for spring 2020. (Well, other than studio Trigger’s BNA (Brand New Animal) anime, but the international Netflix release was scheduled for later.)

Crunchyroll may know that they have a hit on their hands but so far they’re playing their cards close to the vest. In an early May 2020 interview, Anime News Network asked Crunchyroll’s director of brand and title marketing, Carter Hahnselle, whether they “intend to follow the whole story” of Tower Of God with a “multiple season adaptation”.

In response, Carter spoke about loving the fan reaction but would not directly discuss any plans for a Tower Of God Season 2 anime. Instead, the Crunchyroll rep said fans will need to ” check out the series yourself to see how far we follow Bam up the Tower in season one!”

“Can’t share too much more beyond that right now, but again we’re so glad that fans all over the world have been enjoying the show,” Carter said, which seems to imply that there will be more to share in the future.

The Tower Of God anime is being produced by Japanese animation studio Telecom Animation Film, which is best known for making recent seasons of the Lupin the Third anime series. The studio is a subsidiary of TMS Entertainment, which is known for Dr. STONE Season 2, Fruits Basket Season 2 (and Fruits Basket Season 3), and Megalo Box Season 2.

Director Takashi Sano is helming the anime project. Writer Erika Yoshida is handling series composition. Artists Masashi Kudo and Miho Tanino are the character designers.

Composer Kevin Penkin is best known for creating the music for the Made In Abyss anime, the Dawn of the Deep Soul movie, and the upcoming Made In Abyss Season 2 anime.

For the first season, the Tower Of God opening (OP) theme song music was “TOP” and the ending (ED) was “SLUMP”. Both songs were performed by Korean band Stray Kids.

The Tower Of God Season 2 opening and ending have not yet been announced.

The Tower of God anime is streaming exclusively on Crunchyroll. The Tower Of God Season 1 anime premiered on April 3, and (assuming no delays caused by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic) the finale, Tower Of God Episode 13, will be streaming online in June.

  • Updated May 6, 2020: Added Crunchyroll interview.
  • Updated May 5, 2020: Tower Of God animator claims Season 1 was finished before coronavirus.

This article provides everything that is known about Tower Of God Season 2 (Kami no Tou Season 2) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Tower Of God manhwa compared to the anime

Unlike many anime on Crunchyroll, the anime is not based on a Tower Of God manga or a Japanese light novel series. Instead, it’s based on the Kami no Tou manhwa by creator S.I.U. (Slave In Utero).

What’s a manhwa, you might ask? Similar to how manga is the name for Japanese comics, manhwa is the South Korean term for comic books. Keep in mind that manhwa, unlike manga, is read in the same direction as English books, from left to right.

The Tower Of God manhwa series is also unusual in that S.I.U. started working on the story while he was in the South Korean military. According to Herald Corp, by the time he began officially publishing the story in June 2010, he already had 10 books worth of content that he used as a “skeleton” for creating the framework of the plot.

As such, S.I.U. already has Tower Of God’s story and characters planned out years in advance. Technically, the story is set in the Talse Uzer Story universe, which is supposed to be a set of interconnected tales with different protagonists, although S.I.U. has not yet published any spin-offs or side stories.

Needless to say, Tower Of God’s ending is not coming up any time soon. The manhwa is divided into multiple “seasons” or parts, with manhwa Tower Of God Season 2 comprising chapters 80 through 417.

The manhwa’s Tower Of God Season 3 is currently ongoing and is up to Chapter 475 as of April 19. By the end of 2020, it should be passing Chapter 500.

New chapters are released online weekly every Sunday in Korean time on the Naver Webtoon platform. The official English translation is released Mondays on Line Webtoons. The English Tower Of God manhwa is essentially free since no subscription service is required in order to read it.

Tower Of God Manhwa Manga Volume 1 2 Cover Art
In November 2019, two physical volumes were released in Korean. Volume 2 contains up through Chapter 21. Pic credit: S.I.U.

When comparing the Tower Of God anime against the manhwa the biggest change at first glance is to the art style. S.I.U.’s artwork definitely stands out in comparison to many Japanese manga artists, which tend to follow certain industry-wide trends.

The anime adaptation retains elements of S.I.U’s style, with some changes for the better. For example, the anime greatly expanded on the details in the background, which were generally limited in the manhwa with the exception of certain panels.

But some changes are controversial, especially the changes to the Black March. In the manhwa, the Black March was specifically listed as a needle, which was a unique weapon for this type of series, but the anime changed the weapon into a generic katana.

To be fair, the Green April was also made more sword-like despite possessing the ability to morph and elongate. The change in appearance is only a big deal since higher in the tower swordsmen can’t use swords with high friction surfaces because the Shinsu is so thick.

Next, manhwa readers will notice how the anime episodes are quick-paced in comparison. The anime is adapting an average of six chapters per episode in order to reach the first best stopping point in the manhwa series.

To be fair, with anime adaptations in general, it’s often unavoidable that exposition is condensed in order to fit a self-contained story with a good stopping point into a single “cour” composed of only 13 episodes. The Cautious Hero anime was a major exception to that general rule but only since the besting stopping point was the ending of light novel Volume 2 (many anime adaptations of light novels will adapt 3 to 6 books per season).

In the case of the Tower Of God anime, the opening episode adapted up until Bam, Rak Wraithraiser, and Khun Arguero Agnis first met in the middle of Chapter 6. The opening characterization and motivations are changed significantly due to the anime’s rushed pacing.  The manhwa’s dialogue included additional humor and provided insight into inner turmoil, but the biggest change was in the tone and context of Bam and Yuri’s first meeting.

Princess Yuri also interacted more with Administrator Headon in the earlier chapters, which also better explained why Princess Yuri was so interested in Bam. The manhwa had an extended scene where Yuri and Rank-A Guide Evan discussed how they were seeking out the Irregular who had managed to force open the door to the tower.

Irregulars are known as beings who bring chaos and great change to the tower. Headon’s conniving actions were also made more clear at the end of the chapter when he spoke aloud to an unknown person after the Bam’s first test was over.

The anime skipped this very short sequence, which made it seem as if Headon’s actions were based on whimsy rather than cunning. Instead, in the anime, Headon simply remarked, “What an interesting gathering that was,” and then proceeded to kill the White Steel Eel in a seemingly spiteful manner, which never happened in the manhwa.

The initial interaction between Bam and the Black March also highlighted Bam’s initial motivations for climbing the tower. Originally, the spirit of the weapon was more tomboyish in appearance and asked what Bam was pursuing. Bam’s answer hammered down the point that his deep loneliness was a factor, not that he’s following Rachel simply because she’s a girl, which is the perception conveyed by the anime.

Tower Of God Manhwa Headon Chapter 3
“The boy went up. What will you do now, miss?” Headon said aloud after Bam, Yuri, and Evan had departed. This simple statement made it clear upfront that something more was going on, but audiences didn’t know who Headon was talking to until the ending of Tower Of God Season 1. Pic credit: S.I.U.

Warning: The following contains huge spoilers pertaining to the ending of Tower Of God Season 1.

Episode 2 adapted Chapters 7 through 11 and faithfully adapted the end of the first test but it skipped much of the banter between the other Regular teams. During Lero Ro’s test using the Shinsu wall, in the anime both Bam and the Ranker guessed at the same time Anak would pass through the barrier first, but in the manhwa, Bam decided to make the same choice after pondering and noticing an aura around Anak Jahad.

(Keen observers may realize by now that in the first episode Bam fought the giant White Steel Eel in a tank filled with highly concentred Shinsu.)

The anime also skipped name-dropping characters like Urek Mazino, Phantaminum, and Enryu. But since these powerful Irregulars don’t show up until many chapters/episodes later it’s not that big of a deal.

Episode 3 adapted Chapters 11 through 15. The manhwa chapters were about the same, although the anime heavily condensed how the other teams passed the door test. The anime also made a fool of tracksuit guy Ship Leesoo while the manhwa showed him intelligently using impeccable logic.

The anime also cut jokes about Hansung Yu, tea, and instant coffee. Hopefully, the jokes about “Soda Man” Quant will be retained.

Episode 4 adapted Chapters 16 through 21. Arguably, the fight scene choreography is much improved by the anime. The big problem is that the anime added a line change that teased Rachel’s motivations far earlier than it should have been revealed.

Tower Of God Ending Rachel Betrays Bam Manhwa
Aw snap, Bam just got Arifureta-ed! Rachel’s betrayal will probably be considered one of the most iconic moments in any anime. Pic credit: S.I.U.

All in all, it’s predicted that Tower Of God Episode 13 will end with Chapter 78 and finish the first season of the manhwa series. It’s the best stopping point for the anime, which means that the Tower Of God Season 2 anime will also pick up with the story with Season 2/Part 2 of the manhwa.

The good news is that there is plenty of source material for Tower Of God Season 2. In fact, the manhwa’s second part is so long that it’ll likely take at least several anime seasons (or multiple cours) to adapt completely.

Considering that the next best stopping point is Chapter 189, the ending of the Workshop Battle story arc, it’s possible that the Tower Of God Season 2 anime could be a two-cour anime season in order to adapt 110 chapters. The Tower Of God Season 3 anime would then pick up the story again with the Hell Train story arc.

The best part is that English-only readers who wish to read ahead of the anime can jump straight to Chapter 79 on the Webtoons site.

Kami no Tou Season 2 release date

As of the last update, Crunchyroll, WEBTOON Production, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Tower Of God Season 2 release date. Nor has the production of a Tower Of God sequel been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the Kami no Tou Season 2 premiere date will occur in the future.

When the Tower Of God anime first debuted, there were enough chapters in existence for six anime seasons. Therefore, this Crunchyroll Original has the potential to become a regularly renewed anime that rivals Shonen Jump series.

Having regularly renewed big-name exclusive anime will likely become important to Crunchyroll’s business plan now that Netflix is starting to stream big names like One Piece. It also doesn’t help that Hulu often streams many of the anime that used to be available on Crunchyroll only just several years ago.

Let’s just hope Crunchyroll follows in the footsteps of Netflix and supports anime titles like Tower Of God over the long term.

Tower Of God Season 2 spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

The last time we watched Bam, events had been orchestrated so that the Jahad family would believe that he died. Filled with heartache at Rachel’s betrayal, Bam just wants to know why Rachel shoved him down and left him to die.

Red Witch Hwa Ryun promises that he wants can be found “waiting up there” at the top of the tower. And so, she rescues Bam and becomes his Guide.

Audiences know that Rachel’s actions were apparently born out of resentment since she wasn’t chosen by the Tower or by Headon, while Bam was chosen and Rachel was forced to watch. In fact, it seems as if the only reason Rachel entered the tower at all was since she happened to be lying under Bam when he was drawn into the tower.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team mistakenly believed Bam died helping them. So, they desire to honor Bam’s final wish by helping Rachel ascend the tower as she plays the role of the “heroine” now known as Michelle Light.

“Whatever happens, I’ll take Rachel to the top of the tower for Bam,” Khun said.

Tower Of God Season 2 jumps forward in time to when Princess Yuri is entering a floating castle, the palace of Jahad. Having retrieved the Green April, Yuri is visiting her older sister, Khun Maschenny Jahad, the owner of the Yellow May.

But Yuri’s real purpose is to visit with a different princess. It’s been five years since Bam entered the tower and Yuri does not believe Bam is dead so she requests that this other princess search for Bam.

Tower Of God Ja Wingnan
The story of the Tower Of God Season 2 anime shifts to a new main protagonist, Ja Wangnan. Pic credit: S.I.U.

Enter Ja Wangnan, who desires to be the future king of the tower (in Korean, “naneun wangja ya” literally translates as “I’m the prince”). Despite setting such a high goal for himself, Wingnan keeps failing the tests on Floor 20. But like many a Shonen protagonist, Wangnan’s true power is not giving up.

The problem for Wingnana is that repeating the test takes great chunks of cash for a Regular living in the residential area. Wangnan now owes a great debt to loan company Lurker & Cash and they’ve been sent to collect after his latest failure. If Wangnan can’t pass the next test then the debt collectors literally plan on selling off all his organs so all that remains is his skeleton!

With only one last attempt available, Wangnan attempts to convince others to not fight and simply ride out the clock. And the strategy appears to be working until the introduction of a member of the FUG.

The FUG is the most influential crime syndicate in the tower. The FUG is opposing the 10 great families of the tower and its purpose is to overthrow the current order. As such, test administrators consider the FUG to be evil.

And this particular FUG member may be silent at first but then he reveals himself to be a true monster when some of the stronger Regulars decide to fight. Wangnan manages to barely slow the FUG using Pokeball-like Shinsu bombs and he’s saved by the bell when time rounds out.

Having barely survived the first round of the test, Wangnan quickly finds himself surrounded by all sorts of unusual characters. On top of the mysterious FUG member, there are multiple Shinsu users, including a girl from the Yeon Great Family nicknamed Yihwa the “Flamethrower” for barbequing everyone around her, including teammates!

Even the debt collector joins the test! His boss has bribed the administrators and hired multiple Regulars to help the boss’s son, a spoiled kid named Prince, ascend the tower.

The next test involves scoring their Shinsu powers using an arcade punching bag-like machine. Only the top 8 most powerful will pass, which has Wingnan sweating since he knows he doesn’t possess such powers.

There are multiple standouts in the Shinsu test and surprisingly Prince doesn’t need to rely on his hired goons to score well. But the FUG proves himself to be the real monster, easily beating everyone’s score tenfold by just touching the machine.

Unfortunately, poor Wangnan ranks #15 and he’s crying, thinking he’s about to be reduced to a skeleton. But it turns out that the winner, the FUG member, will be able to choose 7 teammates for the next test, so Wingnan debases himself in every manner trying to convince the FUG to choose him.

Tower Of God Jue Viole Grace Manhwa Character
The mysterious Wave Controller Jue Viole Grace is one of two new main protagonists in the Tower Of God Season 2. Pic credit: Powha

The FUG member reveals himself as Jue Viole Grace, a candidate to become the FUG Slayer. Viole’s goal is to kill the ruler of the Tower, Zahard, and all of his family. As such, he considers himself the enemy of everyone present and doesn’t want any teammates. Understandably, some of the Regulars are wary of joining Viole’s team since they’d be considered anti-Jahad.

But all the gathered Regulars, including Wingnan, are willing to make a deal with the devil himself if it means passing the test! Wingnan and Viole find their fates to be intertwined in the first story arc of the second season, the Prince Of Zahard.

Unfortunately, anime fans will need to wait until the Tower Of God Season 2 release date to watch what happens next and to see what happened to Bam. Stay tuned!

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