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Re:Zero Season 3 release date predictions: Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Season 3 adapts Arc 5

Re Zero Arc 5
Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Season 3 will adapt Arc 5 where Subaru must defend a city besieged by the Witch’s Cult. Pic credit: HaruSabin

The Re:Zero Season 3 anime is already being discussed by Sho Tanaka, the producer for the anime series at Kadokawa. In fact, in a recent interview, he voluntarily talked about the third season without even being asked!

But when will Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Season 3 (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Season 3) come out?

The Re:Zero Season 3 release date may be over the horizon, but the wait for the third season won’t be too bad since new Re:Zero episodes are coming up way faster than some anime fans might have expected, I suppose.

Already being listed as Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2, anime Studio White Fox has officially announced that the popular isekai anime will be returning in 2021.

Despite there being a full seasonal break between airing new episodes, the second half of the Re:Zero Season 2 anime will not be considered to be Re:Zero Season 3 since it’s a direct continuation of the second season that finishes a major story arc from author Tappei Nagatsuki’s light novel series.

Based on the delay between the Blu-Ray/DVD volume releases for the second season, Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 14 will be released as the second part of a split-cour anime.

What’s a “cour,” you might ask? For those unfamiliar with the lingo, a “cour” is a three-month block of TV broadcasting based on the physical seasons usually composed of 10 to 13 episodes.

A “split-cour” is where a single anime season takes a multi-month break before resuming TV broadcasting.

Re:Zero Season 2 English dub cast
The main English voice cast for Re:Zero Season 2 dub. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

The second season of the Re:Zero anime has been confirmed to have 25 episodes in total. Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 13 will finish the first part in September.

Crunchyroll’s Re:Zero Season 2 English dub premiered on August 26, 2020. New English dubbed episodes were released weekly on Wednesdays. (For more details about the voice cast please see the story in the link.)

The official announcement of the Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2 release date came from the official website. The second cour (Part 2) will be streaming in January 2021, the winter 2021 anime season. Presumably, Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 25 will then air in March 2021.

The Re:Zero anime is being produced by animation studio White Fox, which is known for recent popular anime like Cautious Hero, Goblin Slayer, and Arifureta (partially). The studio outsources some of the work to Chinese companies, which is why the second season’s premiere was delayed due to COVID-19 and the 2020 SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic.

The staff for the Re:Zero Season 3 has not yet been announced.

The first two seasons and the Re: Zero -Memory Snow- OVA episode were all directed by Masaharu Watanabe, who was also the director for the 2019 Granbelm anime. Writer Masahiro Yokotani (Accel World, Sgt. Frog, Free!, Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai, World Trigger) returned for the series composition.

Artist Kyuta Sakai (Steins;Gate) returned as both the character designer and the chief animation director. Composer Kenichiro Suehiro (Darwin’s Game, Cells At Work! Season 2, Fire Force, Golden Kamuy Season 3) returned for creating the music.

The Re:Zero Season 2 Part 1 opening (OP) theme song music “Realize” was performed by Konomi Suzuki, who previously performed the opening song for the first season. The ending (ED) music theme song “Memento” was performed by singer nonoc, who has previously performed for the Re:Zero OVA episodes.

The Part 2 OP and ED have not yet been announced. Likewise, the Re:Zero Season 3 OP and ED have not yet been announced.

  • Updated September 4, 2020: Add Re:Zero Volume 24 release date and cover art.
  • Updated August 11, 2020: Added Crunchyroll’s Re:Zero Season 2 dub info.

This article provides everything that is known about Re:Zero Season 3 (Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Season 3/Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Season 3) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Re:Zero Art
Re:Zero art featuring Subaru, Emilia, Rem, and their new enemies in the Witch’s Cult. Pic credit: SWD3E2

Re:Zero producer Sho Tanaka discusses the third season

In July, shortly before the second season premiered, Crunchyroll released an interview with Re:Zero producer Sho Tanaka who works at Kadokawa. The isekai genre may be crowded nowadays, but he said that Subaru’s “appeal” as a character and his “new quality” was the main factor in his decision to adapt the series as an anime.

“I think Re:Zero is distinct from other series thanks to Subaru being such a unique, novel protagonist, but I also think there are certain elements of any series that set it apart from the rest,” Tanaka explained. “What made Re:Zero work out so well was that we brought out all the appeal of the original series to the fullest extent and successfully put it forth in the anime adaptation.”

Still, even the producer was surprised at the popularity of the Re:Zero.

“I always believed that it would be an interesting project, but since it was part of a genre that hadn’t shown a lot of positive results at the time and had a protagonist who wasn’t exactly typical, it came with a lot of challenges and faced a lot of opposition, so I never thought it would earn the immensely positive reaction that it has,” he said.

The fact that they weren’t expecting the anime to be hugely popular probably explains why Re:Zero Season 2 was not planned out in advance. But that decision makes sense in retrospect since Tanaka also believes a producer’s primary job is making and selling animation products in such a way that he makes sure it turns a profit.

The producer revealed that series creator Tappei Nagatsuki and his book editor have “been involved since the [anime] scriptwriting stage” and they “are essentially part of the anime production staff at this point.” This is an important distinction since often-times the original creators are given little input into how an anime adapts their original work.

And the producer believes the author’s involvement in the project is a critical factor to the anime’s success.

“Nagatsuki-sensei’s understanding of how novels and animation differ in their methods of expression, and his involvement in converting the story into the best anime possible; the director’s endless supply of ideas for making the anime even better; and all of the producers and other staff who brilliantly put all of that into a visual format, plotting together to make Re:Zero a great animation and constantly devoting all of their efforts to the miracle of all these people coming together the way they did is the biggest thing that sets Re:Zero apart from other series, in my opinion.”

Most importantly from the perspective of anime fans, Tanaka went out of his way to highlight the Re:Zero Season 3 anime. Crunchyroll didn’t even reference the third season but when Tanaka was asked if he had a message for American fans this was his response.

“I’m confident that you’ll all be clamoring for a third season once you’ve finished watching this one,” he said. “Please look forward to it.”

Re:Zero Season 3 confirmed? While not an official announcement, the producer is definitely teasing the fans. Let’s just hope that also means the producer is already planning the production of the third season.

Re Zero Anime Characters
Will Subaru ever be able to save Rem from her fate? Pic credit: DouFhr

Re:Zero manga, light novels, and web novel guide

The story for the anime is based on the Re:Zero light novels by author Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrator Shinichirou Otsuka. The Japanese language light novel series is up to Re:Zero Volume 23 as of June 25. The Re:Zero Volume 24 release date is scheduled for September 25, 2020.

The story began life as a free web novel that is still being updated even in 2019. Ever since the anime made the series popular, a free Re:ZERO English translation project has been slowly working through the content.

Every April the author also creates an IF chapter. Each one is based on one of the deadly sins and tells a story of Subaru making a different fateful decision based on lust, sloth, etc.

Divided up into six major story arcs, the fourth arc of the web novel is the longest story arc by far with 130 chapters. As a comparison, the first three story arcs contained 155 web novel chapters and were adapted by the anime’s first season.

Here is an overview of the current story arcs and how they relate to the anime:

Re: Zero Arc 1: Chaotic First Day

  • Anime: Episodes 1 – 3
  • Light Novel: Volume 1
  • Web Novel: 22 Chapters + Prologue + Interval

Re: Zero Arc 2: The Tumultuous Week

  • Anime: Episodes 4 – 11 (OVA episode Memory Snow is set between episodes 5 and 6)
  • Light Novel: Volumes 2 – 3
  • Web Novel: 49 Chapters + Interval

Re: Zero Arc 3: Return to the Capital

  • Anime: Episodes 12 – 25
  • Light Novel: Volumes 4-9
  • Web Novel: 84 Chapters + Intervals + Extra Chapters

Re: Zero Arc 4: The Everlasting Contract

  • Anime: Season 2 Episodes 1 – 25
  • Light Novel: Volumes 10 – 15
  • Web Novel: 135 Chapters + Prologues + Intervals + Extra Chapters

Re: Zero Arc 5: The Stars That Engrave History

  • Anime: Re:Zero Season 3?
  • Light Novel: Volumes 16 – 20
  • Web Novel: 81 Chapters + Intervals + Extra Chapters

Re: Zero Arc 6: The Corridor of Memories

  • Anime: Re:Zero Season 4?
  • Light Novel: Volumes 21 – 24+
  • Web Novel: 80+ Chapters + Extra Chapters

When is the Re: Zero light novel ending? Back in 2016, Tappei mentioned that he was about midway finished writing the story, which could mean he intends on reaching an ending somewhere around Arc 10 to 13 (depending on the length of each arc).

Based on that old info, the author is currently targeting Arc 11 for the ending, although often-times creators will change their minds. For example, Overlord Volume 17 ending the book series wasn’t originally the plan.

Re:Zero 24
The light novel cover art for Re:Zero Volume 24. Pic credit: Shinichirou Otsuka

The Re:Zero manga series has been created by artists Daichi Matsue and Makoto Fugetsu. The manga series has been separated out based on story arcs, with two volumes covering the A Day in the Capital arc, five volumes for the A Week at the Mansion arc, and 11 volumes for the Truth of Zero arc.

The Japanese manga adaptation of Arc 3 finished in February. North American publisher Yen Press has been releasing the official English translation of the Re:Zero manga series. As of February, the English Re:Zero manga was almost caught up, with only Volume 11 left to be published on December 15.

With the release of the Re:Zero Season 2 anime, the manga adaptation is now even further behind the anime adaptation. That means fans will need to turn to the English Re:Zero light novel series to read ahead of the anime.

Unfortunately, the official English translation by Yen Press was only up to Volume 13 of Arc 4 by July 21. Volume 14 is scheduled to come out on October 27. Presumably, the official English translation will be caught up with the second season by 2021 and then move on toward story arcs that will be adapted by Re:Zero Season 3 and beyond.

Re:Zero light novels compared to the anime’s second season

All in all, the finale of the first season ended near the conclusion of light novel Volume 9. Like most anime adaptations, the TV show had to condense many events from the light novels, including many long conversations.

But White Fox made certain to include certain details. Editor Ikemoto once said that “Re:ZERO has a great deal of foreshadowing and hints scattered throughout that you probably won’t notice your first time around. It’s an anime that will continue to surprise and amaze on repeat viewings.”

The tone of the first season’s ending was dramatically different from the book’s ending since they chose to omit the real ending related to Rem. Instead, they chose to give audiences a happy ending that focused solely on Subaru and Emilia.

Ending this way made more sense since ending on a cliffhanger would have implied a second season when the anime’s future success was uncertain at the time.

The director’s cut version of the first season had an extended ending scene that better matched the books. Of course, the second season began on that very sour note from the ending of Volume 9, as well.

Read: When does Rem wake up from her death-like sleep? [Spoilers]

Re Zero Volume 16
The story for the Re:Zero Season 3 anime will adapt the story events starting in light novel Volume 16. The new character on the right is Sirius, the Archbishop of Wrath (see the spoilers below for more details). Pic credit: Shinichirou Otsuka

The second season’s opening episode actually managed to heighten Subaru’s desperation. The anime added the scene where Subaru searched for Rem among the wounded and dead littering the Crusch manor, whereas in the books he was sent to Rem’s room where she lay in a coma.

The anime version also changed the save point for Return by Death, forcing Subaru to endure again the wagon scene where Emilia questioned Rem’s identity. Instead, the light novel sets the save point next to the sleeping “princess”.

This change requires that another scene be modified since it shows many alternatives timelines where Subaru gets to see what happened after he dies each time. The anime did have Subaru eyeballing the knife in Rem’s room, which is almost a reference to how the books originally portrayed events.

Otherwise, the anime added Puck’s explanation about Gluttony’s Authority powers that was in the web novel but not the light novel. In the books, Ferris was also far more hostile toward Subaru and Emilia and the tone of his apology was sarcastic rather than sincere.

Re Zero Manga Chapter 51
When Rem had her name and memories eaten by Gluttony’s Authority, she experienced alternative memories where she and Subaru married. Rem Natsuki even had children, little Spica and Rigel. This moment is a reference to the IF fragment chapter in light novel Volume 9 (manga chapter 51) that’s based on the deadly sin of sloth (Subaru essentially takes the easy way out by running away with Rem). The anime briefly showed this what-if Rem scenario in the final moments before her existence was erased. Pic credit: Daichi Matsue

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 2 jumped into Volume 10 and finished with only the second chapter when Subaru first meets Echidna. The ordering of events in both the anime and the light novel series is significantly different from the web novel, which first had Subaru meeting Roswaal and the villagers before Emilia went in first.

The biggest issue with Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 3 was that the English subtitles streaming on Crunchyroll mistranslated the intended meaning of Echidna’s words. When she said, “I used the Envy Witch Factor on it to strengthen your resistance,” it sounds like she used Subaru’s Witch Factor on the tea. More importantly, it’s supposed to be the Sloth Witch Factor, not Envy.

When Echidna asked for a vow as compensation the anime omitted one last sentence where she said, “You are bound by a similar pact, so it is a simple matter for you, is it not?” This line foreshadowed that Echidna knew about Return by Death.

Re Zero Echidna
Re Zero’s Echidna certainly puts Subaru through the wringer. Pic credit: Shinichirou Otsuka

The most notable thing about Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 4 is that the runtime was extended by about 5 minutes in comparison to most of the other episodes. Given the extended time constraints, some of the dialogue was still condensed, but it shows the care White Fox is giving to the adaptation since the fan-favorite story arc managed to convey the core message related to Subaru’s parents.

In the web novel, Satella makes a brief showing in the school after Subaru leaves and Echidna had to kick her out of the dream world, but the light novel removed that scene. It’s probably best that the anime stuck to the light novel version since Satella’s sudden appearance in later episodes is more shocking.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 4 finished off light novel Volume 10. The anime condensed the theme of the first trial down to simply “facing your past” whereas in the books Echidna elaborates that she accepts any outcome as long as they have the courage to accept their past or make a clean break from it.

The implication is that Emilia is failing the trial since she can’t reach any answer at all, which means there is something in Emilia’s past she can’t bring herself to face. This fact has Echidna all hot and bothered, but the anime focuses on other points.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 6 was probably confusing to Web Novel readers due to all the changes in the light novel. For example, Frederica used gauntlets instead of fully beast transforming, the manner of maid deaths was quite different (Petra originally took a throwing knife to the head), and much of the dialogue was changed.

The anime also didn’t make it clear that a horde of mabeasts was chasing them down since Subaru was in a daze. Still, the first-person perspective of Petra’s death scene was amazing.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 7 hit all the major plot points but didn’t adequately convey just how crazy Subaru was being locked away by Garfiel. Inner turmoil is easier to convey in writing but the anime could have gotten the horror across with cinematography similar to Petra’s death scene. (It should be noted that Ryuzu is the Web Novel’s equivalent of Omega.)

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 8 finally introduced the Great Rabbit death scene in all its gory detail. While the book’s gory description went way, way further, and involved rabbits diving down Subaru’s anal sphincter, the anime version was still horrifying in that a rabbit was shown crawling under his skin.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 9 ended Volume 11 and started Volume 12. The biggest change was that the anime showed Satella’s features whereas in the book Subaru refuses to accept the witch could have Emilia’s face since she’s the source of all his suffering. Otherwise, the witches’ weird actions while not really explaining the motives for their behavior with the exception of Daphne.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 10 pulled off Satella’s rampage to every fans’ satisfaction.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 11 should adapt Beako’s big reveal. I suppose. Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 12 will dive into the so-called “kiss of death” loop.

Overall, the anime adaptation has been very good even though it’s unavoidable that some concessions need to be made due to the limited runtime of episodes. The anime even skips the rockin’ opening song sometimes in order to squeeze in more content.

Some fans of the books were worried the anime would suffer from pacing issues but so far those fears seem groundless.

Based on the pacing of the Re:Zero Season 2 anime so far, it will adapt the story events of Arc 4, which corresponds to light novel Volumes 10 through 15. That means Re:Zero Season 3 will pick up the story again with Arc 5, which was adapted by light novels 16 through 20.

Assuming that White Fox’s writer maintains the same pacing it’s very likely that the Re:Zero Season 3 anime will have two cours again. While there could also be a split-cour Re:Zero Season 3 Part 2 again, the first season aired two cours back-to-back so hopefully a broadcasting break won’t be necessary.

Re:Zero Season 3 release date prediction: Is 2021 or 2022 possible?

As of the last update, White Fox or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Re:Zero Season 3 release date.

Nor has the production of a third season been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the Re:Zero Season 3 premiere date will occur in the future.

The critical issue is that anime productions are scheduled years in advance and studios will be booked up solid for years. Sometimes second seasons are planned out ahead if the source material is popular enough, but in the case of the Re:Zero anime series the second season was greenlit for production back in 2017 but production didn’t actually start until years later.

Of course, now we know that even the producer of the series wasn’t expecting the first season to be an overwhelming success for Japanese publisher Kadokawa.

Even in a time where streaming revenue is more important than the Blu-Ray/DVD volumes, the disc sales were through the roof in 2016. As a comparison, Re:Zero Season 1 sold almost 5 times as many discs as the first season of the My Hero Academia anime (see our article on the My Hero Academia Season 5 release date), which came out in the same time frame.

Most importantly from the perspective of Kadokawa’s Media Factory subsidiary, they also saw a huge increase in light novel and manga sales. Therefore, it’s very likely that Kadokawa would desire that Re:Zero Season 3 be planned out in advance with White Fox’s schedule.

The only White Fox production announced so far for 2021 is Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2.

Given that the Kadokawa producer is already voluntarily talking about the third season, it’s possible they could shorten the turnaround time and aim for either late 2021 or 2022.

(Let’s also hope that the Cautious Hero Season 2 anime is also part of White Fox’s schedule! Also, publisher Square Enix probably wants to fit the Goblin Slayer Season 2 anime into White Fox’s schedule, as well.)

Re Zero Volume 17
After being defeated by Subaru, Frederica’s brother Garfiel Tinsel joins the Emilia Camp in the fight against the Witch’s Cult. Pic credit: Shinichirou Otsuka

Re:Zero 3 spoilers (Plot summary/synopsis)

The last time we watched Subaru and Emilia they had survived the battle at Sanctuary. It’s been one year after the start of the election and Subaru has been living in peace after the camps were reunited.

Anastasia Hoshin is the head of the Hoshin Trading Company and one of the Royal Candidates in the election (you might remember her from anime Episode 12 as the purple-haired woman wearing all white). Anastasia sends letters and invites the various camps for Emilia, Crusch, Priscilla, and Felt to visit Priestella, the Water Gate City.

In her letter to Emilia, Anastasia claims she and the Fang of Iron mercenary group have information on the Archbishop of Gluttony. They rush to Priestella in hopes of learning of a way of reviving Rem.

At first, everything was peaceful and Subaru spent time catching up with old friends. But then the Witch’s Cult besieges the city and Subaru is confronted by new Archbishops of the Witch’s Cult.

The first is Sirius, the Archbishop of Wrath, a woman covered in chains and bandages except for her purple eyes and her teeth (seen above on the cover of Volume 16). Sirius is among the most physically powerful of the Archbishops and she can control the chains around her body, turning them into flames. Her Authority also allows her to sense and influence people’s emotions.

Sirius has a twisted view on love and she’s a stalker of Petelgeuse, claiming to be his wife. While you would think she’d hate Subaru for killing her “husband”, Sirius mistakenly believes Subaru is possessed by Petelgueuse due to his Sloth Witch Factor!

A surprised and disgusted Subaru is showered with her twisted version of love, but even more surprising yet is the fact that Sirius hates Satella because of Petelguese’s obsession with the Witch of Envy’s resurrection. Of course, that also means Sirius has plenty of hatred toward Emilia due to their physical resemblance.

The second Archbishop is Capella Emerada Lugnica, known as the “Mother” or leader of Gusteko’s Assassin Organization. As the representative of Lust, Capella’s Authority allows her to transform at will and she can heal from deadly injuries, even having her head cut off.

Re Zero Volume 17 Cover Art
The Archbishop of Lust, Capella Emerada Lugnica. Her true form is unknown, but she’s capable of transforming into a black dragon that can spew black flames. Pic credit: Shinichirou Otsuka

The invasion by the Archbishops throws Priestella into chaos and Subaru’s friends are spread out. The save point created by Return by Death only gives a very short window of opportunity for Subaru to figure out a plan for a counterattack to recapture the City Hall.

Worse, Emilia is kidnapped by the Archbishop of Greed Regulus, the man in white who destroyed Rem and Crusch’s wagon at the beginning of the second season. And even Gluttony makes an appearance. Subaru must figure out a way to unite the various Camps and repel the Witch’s Cult from the water gate city.

Unfortunately, anime audiences will have to wait until the Re:Zero Season 3 release date to watch what happens next. Stay tuned!

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