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Re:Zero Season 2: When does Rem wake up from her death-like sleep? [Spoilers]

Re:Zero Season 2
Rem’s “death” shocked anime audiences watching Re:Zero Season 2. Pic credit: ACG Edit

“I will save you, Rem. That is my oath,” vowed Subaru in the Re:Zero book series.

Some anime fans watching Re:Zero Season 2 may wonder: When does Rem wake up?

Those hoping the answer may be offered by spoilers probably won’t like the current result. The short version: no one knows. In fact, the Re:Zero author himself has remained silent on the issue. The long version requires some explanation.

Unfortunately for Team Rem, our favorite blue-haired maiden is fated to become the “sleeping princess” that Subaru may eventually awaken… or not.

Considering that Rem is way more popular than even Emilia, the fan base would be outraged if Rem dies in the end.

The author may not have decided how he’ll pull off Rem’s resurrection.

This happy event certainly won’t take place during the anime’s second season and maybe not even during Re:Zero Season 3. However, Rem’s awakening could potentially take place at the ending of Re:Zero Season 4, but that’s just an educated guess at this point.

Even readers of the light novels and web novel can’t say whether the hope of Rem’s resurrection is reasonable. The author’s work on both the anime’s original stories and light novels has greatly slowed his writing (how utterly slothful!) so he has yet to resolve Rem’s “death”.

But that reality could change relatively soon based on the progress of the book series.

Re:Zero light novels slowly adapting the web novel

The Re:Zero web novel started the whole story back in 2012. The web novel is still slowly being written and then adapted into the light novel format.

The light novel version of the story made many changes, including adding and omitting dialogue and reordering the presentation of certain events.

The web novel is divided up into six major story arcs so far. Back in 2016, the author hinted that he was halfway finished with the entire story, which should mean the ending will be in Arc 11.

Starting with Re:Zero Volume 21, the light novels began adapting Arc 6, which will be over 80 chapters in total. Re:Zero Volume 24 released on September 25, 2020.

Re Zero Rem Ram
The cover art for Re:Zero Volume 21. Pic credit: Shinichirou Otsuka

Re:Zero: Rem’s ‘death’ may be fixed with Arc 6’s ending

Fans have been speculating for years how Rem will wake up or recover from her eternal slumber. Even if Re:Zero author Tappei Nagatsuki has decided how he will pull it off he hasn’t teased fans with his future plans.

Despite being featured at the beginning of Re:Zero Season 2, Gluttony does not make his reappearance until web novel Arc 5, which should be the focus of Re:Zero Season 3. Even in the unfinished Arc 6, Gluttony is still alive.

And Subaru’s oath to Rem that’s quoted at the beginning of this story comes from Arc 6. In order to save those who had their names taken, Subaru’s group heads to the furthest edge of the world in order to find answers.

Based on Rem’s fate becoming a focus on Arc 6, readers of the web novel have been speculating that the events of Arc 6 will culminate in Rem waking up. Tappei himself has referred to Rem as the “sleeping princess” which seems to indicate she may yet awaken. There is even a manifestation of Rem in Arc 6 that urges Subaru to stand up and save everyone!

Fan theories suggest Subaru could force Gluttony to give Rem’s name and memories back willingly or perhaps the name could be regurgitated by force. Subaru may also eventually absorb Gluttony’s Authority powers and be capable of reversing damages done in the past.

The other possibility is that Rem’s resurrection will coincide with Subaru gaining the power of the miraculous substance the Blood of the Divine Dragon Volcanica, which could potentially restore Rem to life. The problem is that only Lugnica’s rulers have access to the Dragon’s Blood, which means helping Emilia become the queen of Lugnica.

“You need the blood of the dragon. Without it, that girl―― Rem will never awaken,” Roswaal told Subaru in the Greed IF chapter. “Having reached that conclusion, you need Emilia-sama to become king. Isn’t that right?”

It’s also possible that Rem won’t wake up as everyone hopes or that Subaru will be faced with making a choice that pits Rem’s fate against another deadly option. After all, it’s said that the author likes bittersweet endings.

When Tappei was asked, “Will Re:Zero have a happy ending?” he supposedly replied, “Define happy.”

Let’s just hope Re:Zero’s ending gives us at least one happy conclusion regarding Rem. Stay tuned!


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