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Megaton Musashi Season 2 release date in 2022: Megaton-kyuu Musashi Season 2 confirmed despite game sales flop

Megaton Musashi 2
The story for the Megaton Musashi Season 2 anime will correspond to the Megaton Musashi Kai 2.0 game update. Pic credit: Level 5

The Megaton Musashi Season 2 release date is confirmed for October 2022, the Fall 2022 anime season.

The odd part is that the Megaton-kyuu Musashi Season 2 anime TV series will be the anime sequel to a franchise that’s based on a PS4/Nintendo Switch video game series which flopped in Japan.

The Megaton Musashi Season 2 anime will be produced by Japanese animation Studio OLM, the company responsible for the Pokemon TV series, including Pokemon Journeys.

In 2021, Studio OLM also released Netflix’s Komi Can’t Communicate animeRestaurant to Another World Season 2, and the critically acclaimed Odd Taxi anime.

The main staff making Megaton Musashi Season 2 hasn’t been announced yet. However, considering the quick turnaround time, it’s likely that most of the main roles will remain the same.

The first season of the anime project was helmed by Level 5 founder and president Akihiro Hino. Besides being the original creator who wrote the anime’s scripts, he was also credited as the chief director. Hino was also backed by the main director Shigeharu Takahashi (an episode director on Naruto: Shippuuden).

Character designer Takuzou Nagano (Youkai Watch) created the original designs that were then adapted for animation by artist Yuuji Ikeda (Inazuma Eleven). Artist Nobuyuki Yanai was responsible for mechanical designs. Composer Kenichirou Saigou (Youkai Watch) created the music.

The Megaton Musashi Season 2 OP (opening) and ED (ending) theme song music hasn’t been announced yet.

For the first season, the Megaton Musashi OP “MUSASHI” was performed by Zuma from Nijiirozamurai, while the ED “Mesubou Sekai no Ballad” was performed by Mana.

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The Megaton Musashi anime project was initially announced by Level 5 way back in 2016. It was initially supposed to launch in summer 2017 but was delayed by multiple years.

The first season premiered on October 1, 2021, the Fall 2021 anime season.

The first season’s finale, Megaton Musashi Episode 12, was released on December 17, 2021.

This article provides everything that is known about Megaton Musashi Season 2 (Megaton-kyuu Musashi Season 2) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Megaton Mushashi Kai 2.0 game update to correspond to the anime’s second season

Similar to the Build Divide: Code Black anime, the Megaton Mushashi anime largely serves as a springboard for launching and advertising the new Megaton Mushashi game. The video game came out in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on November 11, 2021.

Unfortunately, there are no stated plans for a Megaton Musashi English dub, either for the anime or the game.

An official preview trailer compares the Megaton Musashi anime against the game.

Besides the game and anime, there was a collaboration with Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and the Sakugan anime by Studio Satelight. Mecha toys are being made by Bandai. There’s even a web anime spin-off called After School.

Level 5 has released a roadmap for future Megaton Musashi updates. The original game will receive monthly free updates that add more Rogue mechs, finisher moves, missions, and enemies to the game’s roster.

The first update, Megaton Musashi Counterattack Boost Patch, was released on December 9, 2021. It added a new Overlimit system for upgrading mechs with legendary parts. It also added two new Rogues in Arthur Raiser and Maximus Blaze.

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Megaton Musashi Roadmap
The Megaton Musashi 2022 update roadmap also revealed the Megaton Musashi Season 2 anime TV series. Pic credit: Level 5

The big news is that the Megaton Musashi 2.0 update will result in the game being rebranded as Megaton Musashi Kai. The major update will add a new storyline that will correspond to the Megaton Musashi Season 2 anime. It will also add more battle modes like Fortress Siege and 3-vs-3 Multiplayer PvP.

The Megaton Musashi Kai release date is also scheduled for Fall 2022.

Megaton-kyuu Musashi Season 2 release date in Fall 2022: Will the game sales impact the anime?

As of the last update, Studio OLM, Level 5, Square Enix, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the exact Megaton Musashi Season 2 release date.

However, it’s been confirmed that Megaton-kyuu Musashi Season 2 is coming out in Fall 2022.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information.

It’s actually a surprise that the Megaton Musashi Season 2 anime was greenlit for production at all. Apparently, the Megaton Musashi game sales bombed in Japan.

According to Famitsu, when the game launched, it ranked #11 on the Japan software sales charts, but it only sold 7,730 copies. In comparison, older games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, and Ring Fit Adventure outsold it. New games like developer Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei V and Square Enix’s Dragon Quest X sold 143,247 copies and 22,702 copies, respectively, in the same time frame.

The situation is apparently so bad that the brand name trademark for Megaton Musashi was discontinued with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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But it appears that Level 5 is pushing forward in hopes that the mixed-media game franchise will gather steam over the next year. It’s also possible that a significant amount of the early anime production work has already been completed by Studio OLM.

Let’s just hope that the Megaton Musashi Season 2 release date isn’t canceled in 2022. Stay tuned!

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