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Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 release date: In Another World With My Smartphone anime spoilers based on the Isesuma light novel, manga series

In Another World With My Smartphone artwork
Will Touya Mochizuki continue his adventures in Isekai Smartphone Season 2?

The Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 release date is highly anticipated now that anime audiences have been left with an ending that only teases what is really going on in the wider world. The anime may have been overly focused on harem hijinks and overpowered isekai tropes, but In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 will pick up the pace significantly considering that the light novel series has introduced robot mecha battles. The plot will also become more interesting now that Babylon and a threat to the entire world have been revealed.

Back in 2013, author Patora Fuyuhara launched the simply titled Isekai Smartphone web novel on the Shouestsuka Ni Narou website, which continues to be updated even through 2018. Starting in 2015, the book publisher Hobby Japan Novels (also called HJ Novels) began adapting the web novel into the light novel format and illustrator Eiji Usatsuka created the art for the books.

The publisher also labeled the books with the lengthier title of Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, which also goes by the romanized Japanese name Isesuma. As of March 2018, the light novel series is up to the twelfth volume of Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Ever since the success of the anime adaptation, new light volumes have been coming out every several months and Volume 13 is scheduled to release on June 22, 2018. Volume 14 hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s possible that both it and Volume 15 could come out before 2019.

In November 2016, the Isekai Smartphone manga adaptation began being serialized in Kadokawa’s Monthly Comp Ace magazine in Japan. Written by Fuyuhara, the manga illustrator is named Soto although any original character design is provided by the light novel artist. Unfortunately, as of May 2018, the Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni manga is only up to Volume 4, which means the manga version’s story is way behind both the anime and light novel series.

The English translation of the In Another World With My Smartphone novel was picked up by book publisher J-Novel Club. As of May 2018, the English translation is already up to Volume 8. The release date for Volume 9 has not been announced, but the English Isekai Smartphone books have been releasing every one to three months so by the end of 2018 the entire series should be caught up with the Japanese books.

This article provides everything that is known about Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news and rumors. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

In Another World With My Smartphone Reviews Are Either Love Or Hate

If an anime is going to be renewed then fans will really need to love it and support the franchise. One of the main problems with isekai animes is that they tend to have an overpowered main character who is a bland everyman. Even if the plot and world building is interesting, isekai anime will also often be bogged down by harem building and trite comedy. In 2018, a prime example would be the Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody anime, which anime critics hated for those two reasons.

Unfortunately, Isekai Smartphone character Touya Mochizuki falls squarely into this categorization. He literally has no interesting backstory from the real world. All audiences know is that God accidentally zapped him and in order to make amends God blesses him by resurrecting him in an RPG-like world with amazing stats. The overpowered smartphone is the big gimmick of the TV show, but it’s not used as much as it should be considering it’s in the title.

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To a certain extent, Isekai Smartphone is like KonoSuba since it’s a parody of these isekai tropes with wish fulfillment taken to the extreme in order to create comedic moments. The official plot summary literally states that Touya “inherits the legacy of an ancient civilization and travels around nonchalantly while possessing powers that rival this world’s kings.” So, in this case, being overpowered is supposed to be funny, so anime fans will either love it or find such attempts at humor insipid.

The rush to fill Touya’s overly large harem consumed most of the screen time, which meant that the main overarching plot was not reached until the ending of Isekai wa Smartphone Episode 12. That did mean the female characters were given more time to develop, but they still largely came off as largely one-dimensional characters.

Unfortunately, that’s the fault of the original story in the light novels, which took forever to introduce the main quest and an enemy worth fighting with giant mechas. But it could be argued that anime studio Production Reed could have completely reordered events to front-load those more interesting plot elements and action sequences and then slowly built the harem over multiple seasons. The anime could have bettered the novels instead of coming off as a bootleg version of KonoSuba (which seems likely to be renewed for KonoSuba Season 3 based on the latest news). Let’s just hope that Isekai Smartphone Season 2 remedies those problems.

In Another World With My Smartphone Light Novel Volume 12 Cover
The cover art for In Another World With My Smartphone Volume 12

Isekai wa Smartphone Light Novel Series Compared To The In Another World With My Smartphone Anime

Production Reed may have rushed through the introduction of all the main girls in Touya’s harem, but the Isekai wa Smartphone anime was not as bad as some series. For example, the anime adaptation of Log Horizon and Knight’s & Magic each literally reduced an entire book into one episode.

The anime studio actually found a humorous way to condense some of the source material by using chibi characters in major cutscenes. The only negative to this novel approach was that it seemed like episodes had commercial breaks even when streaming on Crunchyroll.

All in all, the In Another World With My Smartphone anime covered the events of the first three volumes of the light novel series. As previously noted, there are currently 12 volumes out so it’s possible for Production Reed to produce 25 episodes for a two-cour In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2.

Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 Release Date

As of the last update, Production Reed or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 release date. Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the Isekai Smartphone Season 2 premiere date will occur in the future.

An anime series’ Blu-Ray sales in Japan during the first week are often used as a benchmark for financial success. Unfortunately, the first Blu-Ray volume of Isekai Smartphone did merely okay, selling just 1,418 copies. Those numbers are not considered good, but there may still be a chance for a second season since international streaming rights have changed the industry greatly in recent years and streaming revenue is often the majority of income for animes.

In addition, the season finale did seem to end on a hopeful note. It’s possible Production Reed is hoping to continue the story considering that the ending had Touya meeting a major new character during the after-credits scene. Other characters discussed the adventures to come, although cynics might be tempted to interpret those statements as indirectly saying, “Go read the light novels for more adventures!”

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Isekai Smartphone Season 2 Spoilers

Ending the anime with only a first season would be quite the shame considering that the story was just beginning to be interesting when it stopped. Episode 12 provided some answers but the season stopped right before the isekai harem story went all HighSchool DxD by transcending the core genre.

Often times, villains are used as a foil to develop a character further. The overpowered Touya was like a magical force of nature with his jacked up stats. With nothing to fear, he did not have any purpose other than exploring this fantastical world that’s his for the taking. Now, our hero has both a mission which requires an epic adventure and an enemy that poses a worldwide threat.

Through the power of clairvoyance, Professor Regina Babylon revealed that she knew a person like Touya would appear 5,092 years later and prepared nine flying structures to be found throughout the world. Regina knew that Touya would eventually have nine wives and that’s why she created nine gynoids (female humanoid robots) called the Babylon Sisters to oversee the flying islands.

The Babylon Sisters have been out of communication for thousands of years ever since Babylon’s magical barrier was established. Touya is tasked with discovering Parutenoian Ruins that contain teleportation circles leading to the nine islands. Upon entering each fortress, Touya will be presented with a unique compatibility test by the resident gynoid.

Needless to say, Professor Babylon was pretty pervy, so DNA registration of a master is completed by French kissing the robot. Several of the tests require Touya to do something lewd to his future robot servant. Other tests require Touya to survive being ambushed or to simply make the gynoid comfortable with food and a bed.

Francesca the gynoid was just one of nine female robots that represented a different aspect of Regina’s personality. It’s pretty obvious that Francesca represented perversion based on her behavior when Touya first entered the island, but other gynoids represent positive attributes like curiosity. Based on their numerical frame number, their names are Pure Liora (20), Bell Flora (21), Atlantica (22), Francesca (23), Iris Fam (24), Pamela Noel (25), Lilly Parshe (26), High Rosetta (27), and Fred Monica (28).

The reason for all this technology is the invasion of an enemy called the Phrase (or Fraze). They are inter-dimensional beings from another world composed of an unknown crystalline material capable of absorbing magical energy even from the overpowered Touya. All of the Phrase possess a core at their heart and they come in many shapes and forms, resembling bugs, snakes, sharks, and even dinosaurs.

This enemy is led by the Sovereign Phrase, the most powerful class of them all. The boundary between worlds has frayed and they begin their invasion. Fortunately, Professor Babylon created weapons called Frame Gears that are capable of harming the Phrase. These giant robots will turn this harem isekai tale into a mecha isekai.

Isekai wa Smartphone Frame Gears Robots Mecha Anime
The art from the light novels gives anime-only fans a sneak peek at what the Frame Gears will look like in the anime

Professor Babylon only manufactured seven Frame Gears during the ancient war between humans and the Phrase. The original plan was to mass-produce these ultimate weapons, but those plans were scrapped when the Phrase abruptly disappeared. The floating island called the Hangar stores all of the last generation Frame Gears left over from the war.

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Each Frame Gear is powered by a fuel called magical ether liquid that’s extracted from magic stones. A pilot synchronizes their magic with the Frame to control the robot’s body, but Touya figures out ways to control the robots using his smartphone, of course. Touya also continues the production and development of new Frame Gears by using blueprints left by Professor Babylon.

In Another World With My Smartphone Frame Gears Mecha Robot Light Novel Volume 6
The introduction of the Frame Gears will change the tone of the anime

Touya already has nine wives, robot girl servants, and giant war mechas. What else could an overpowered everyman need? In the first season, he had started collecting Divine Beasts like the White Emperor tiger and the Black Emperor water creatures.

In order to find Babylonian ruins, Touya summons a bird-like creature named Kougyoku that’s called the Flame Emperor. The last Divine Beast in Touya’s menagerie is the Blue Emperor dragon named Ruli, which as its name suggests holds dominion over all magical beasts.

Isekai Smartphone Divine Beasts In Volume 8
The four Divine Beasts are quite a handful

The next step in Touya’s journey to find the islands of Babylon begins in the Burning Kingdom of Sandora. The Phrase begin their attack on the world and Touya’s group meeting a mysterious person named Ende who possesses magical powers beyond the norm.

Touya manages to find an ancient ruin housing the transportation circle to the Workshop. He’s stopped by gynoid High Rosetta, who forces Touya to undergo a nosebleed-inducing test. He passes without issue and takes ownership of the Workshop.

The quest takes Touya back to the Regulus Empire when it’s feared that the government may be overthrown by a military coup. This story largely serves as a backdrop for introducing Lucia Rea Regulus, the very competitive third princess of Regulus. Touya ends up getting both the girl and his own duchy since he’s crowned the Grand Duke of Brunhild.

Becoming a duke is cause for celebration, but being a leader of a small nation is not all about partying. Touya manages to attract the wrong type of attention when the Pope and Vatican accuse him of blasphemy for describing God as being an old man.

Besides adding to his robot girl collection, Touya begins to fill the ranks of his harem. After Lucia comes a demon-horned girl named Sakura who suffers from memory loss. The final wife in Touya’s harem is named Hildegrad Minas Restia, first Knight Princess of Restia Knight Kingdom. She does not have any magical aptitude, but she does know how to fight in a Frame Gear.

Isekai Smartphone Hildegrad Minas Restia In Volume 6
She may be a blonde, female knight, but her personality is not perverted like Darkness of KonoSuba, and she’s not just good for defense since she pilots a special Frame Gear called the Seigrune

The first season has already declared that Touya will eventually have nine wives, so it’s not a spoiler to say that he marries Hilda, Elze, Linze, Yae, Sushie, Yumina, Leen, Lucia, and Sakura. The wedding takes place in chapters 447 through 449.

The first set of wives create what they call the Bride Conference, which allows them to determine when a new wife can be taken. The first conference was held for allowing Hilda’s engagement to Touya, while the final conference brought the demon girl Sakura into the fold. Eventually, all nine wives and nine gynoids live together in the Dukedom of Brunhild.

Isekai wa Smartphone Anime Touya Nine Wives
The nine wives of Touya

If Production Reed produces Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 with the same pacing as the first season then the best stopping point will be either Volume 6 or 7 of the light novel series.

Let’s just hope anime audiences will get to watch Touya and his harem combat the Phrase with their giant Frame Gears. Better yet, let’s hope the In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 release date is confirmed soon. Stay tuned!

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