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Date A Bullet release date: 2-part Date A Live movie set for fall 2020 theater premiere

Date A Live Kurumi
The Date A Bullet movie series is focused on Kurumi. Pic credit: Studio Geek Toys

The release date for Date A Bullet has been confirmed to be scheduled for fall 2020. Kurumi’s story in the Date A Live movie will split up into multiple films, and the Date A Live Season 4 anime is also coming out in the future.

Based on the movie trailer, the Date A Bullet movie should be based on the Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet spin-off series, which was up to Date a Bullet Volume 6 as of March 2020.

The big news is that the scriptwriter is Yuichiro Higashide, the co-creator of the Date A Bullet book series, and also Fate/Apocrypha.

Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet (Part 1) premieres on August 14, 2020. Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen (Part 2) arrives in Japanese theaters on November 13, 2020.

Director Jun Nakagawa is helming the project at Studio GEEKTOYS, who also produces the Plunderer anime series. The character designer is Naoto Nakamura, although Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet light novel illustrator NOCO credited the original designs.

Voice actress Asami Sanada returns to voice Kurumi Tokisaki. Saori Onish voices the White Queen, the main villain of the story.

Date A Bullet Anime Key Visual Movie Theaters
The Date A Bullet anime key visual that was released in March 2020. Pic credit: Studio GEEKTOYS

Kaede Hondo voices Hibiki Higoromo, Mariya Ise voices Tsuan, Rina Hidaka voices Panie Ibusuki, Asami Seto voices Yui Sagakure, and Natsumi Fujiwara voices Isami Hijikata.

The Date A Bullet opening (OP) theme song music for Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet is composed by director Sakabe and performed by Luiza.

Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet Movie Trailer Anime

The Date A Live movie trailer is out and the theater release dates announced! For more details: https://www.monstersandcritics.com/anime/date-a-live-season-4-release-date-sequel-confirmed/

Posted by Monsters & Critics Anime on Monday, July 13, 2020

This article provides everything known about Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet movie 1/2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Date A Bullet release in U.S. theaters possible?

So far, it hasn’t been announced whether the two Date A Bullet movies will be released internationally or in U.S. theaters.

However, the Date A Bullet movie trailer has English subtitles, so it could be our first hint that it’ll eventually release to America and beyond.

But it’s also possible the Date A Live movie series will be released internationally via Blu-Ray/DVD and on streaming platforms.

The original Date A Live movie, Mayuri Judgment, was only released in Japanese theaters in 2015.

A Date A Bullet English dub has not been announced. Some of the previous Date A Live seasons were English dubbed by FUNimation.

Note: This story will be updated if the Date A Bullet U.S. release date is confirmed.

Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen
The key visual for the Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen movie teases the White Queen in the background. Pic credit: Studio Geek Toys

Date A Live Season 4 anime also confirmed

Writer Koshi Tachibana’s Date A Live light novel series ended with Volume 22 in March 2020. An official English translation of the series still hasn’t been announced.

The anime series adapted about half of the story. The third season finished with a story arc from Date A Live Volume 12.

The Date A Live Season 4 anime has been confirmed to be in production. It will most likely adapt light novel Volumes 13 through 15.

For more details and spoilers, please see our story on the Date A Live Season 4 release date. Stay tuned!

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