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Black Clover Season 5 release date in December 2021: When will Black Clover Episode 207 come out?

Black Clover 2021
The Black Clover Season 5 anime will need to rely on filler episodes to give time for the manga’s author. Pic credit: Yuki Tabata

The Black Clover Season 5 anime will continue Asta’s quest. But with the anime adaptation quickly catching up with the Black Clover manga in 2021 just how many filler episodes will be necessary for the fourth season?

Another question is whether major filler story arcs in the middle of a war arc will be necessary to avoid a major Black Clover break/hiatus in TV broadcasting.

What is inevitable is that Shonen Jump will renew Black Clover Year 5. The anime is considered one of the Big 3 in addition to One Piece and Boruto (here’s hoping that MAPPA’s Jujutsu Kaisen anime could make it the Big 4.)

The anime has been popular on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and FUNimation Now (the Black Clover English dub), which is important since streaming revenue has become the biggest source of revenue in the last several years.

The Black Clover Season 5 anime will be produced by animation Studio Pierrot, which is well known for Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and then its successor, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Studio Pierrot also animated the Tokyo Ghoul anime series and the 2020 Akudama Drive anime. The the Kingdom Season 3 anime is also scheduled to return in 2021 after being delayed by COVID-19.

Once Black Clover Episode 153 released there were some major changes to the main production staff.

Director Tatsuya  Yoshihara was replaced by Ayataka Tanemura. It’s his first time being the main director, but he was the Assistant Director for over 100 Black Clover Episodes (28 – 152). In the past, he’s also been an episode director for Devilman Crybaby and other anime projects.

Series composition writer Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Is The Order A Rabbit?) is being replaced by Kanichi Katou. The writer has previously penned the Squishy! Black Clover anime short episodes in addition to the main series’ Episode 84.

Otherwise, he’s best known for writing the script for Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 2 and the Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun anime series (the Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2 release date is in 2021).

This article provides everything that is known about Black Clover Season 5 (Black Clover 2021) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Black Clover Season 5 release date predictions

Based on history, the Black Clover Season 5 release date will be in late December 2021. It’s predicted that the anime will simply roll into the fourth season without any delay.

But it’s possible there could be some unexpected factors that push the premiere back into January 2022.

The Black Clover Season 5 anime probably won’t be confirmed until fall 2021. The renewal of the third season wasn’t officially announced until shortly before the second season ended.

Even then, the first official word was from the anime director on Twitter. FUNimation announced the fourth season on Twitter in October 2020.

The main issue is the length of the fourth season. The first two seasons were 51 episodes each, whereas the third season had 52 episodes and ended with Episode 154.

Assuming that the fourth season is similarly 52 episodes it will end with Black Clover Episode 206 on December 7, 2021. Naturally, that means the Black Clover Season 5 release date will be on December 14, 2020.

The fifth season will premiere with Black Clover Episode 207.

But if the fourth season is 51 episodes again then Black Clover Episode 205 will end the fourth season on November 30, 2021. Therefore, the Black Clover 5 release date would be on December 7, 2021.

The secondary issue is that Episode 133 was delayed from May 200 to July 2020 due to the effects of COVID-19 on the anime industry. It’s possible that Japan’s “third wave” could cause further minor delays. If any such delay is a month-long then Black Clover Season 5 will release in early 2022.

The studio is already confirmed to be taking a one-week break for New Year’s. That means the Black Clover Episode 158 release date is on January 5, 2021.

Black Clover Manga
Black Clover Episode 158 will finally start adapting Black Clover Volume 24 in the fourth season. Pic credit: Yuki Tabata

Black Clover manga’s ending is many years away

The story for the anime is based on the Black Clover manga by writer and illustrator Yuki Tabata. Published in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2015, new tankobon format volumes are released regularly every year.

The Black Clover manga’s ending is nowhere in sight. In a March 2019 interview, Tabata had reached the milestone of 200 chapters, and he was asked how he maintained his motivation.

“Well, there are a lot of people looking forward to the next chapter, I hope, so that motivates me. Plus there’s a lot of stories that I still want to tell, so that keeps me going,” Tabata replied. “Oh, and my wife wants me to keep it up. She wants me to keep working.”

Tabata has said that Arc 11 is the final arc in the first saga. But he hasn’t hinted at how far he is into the overall story nor has he mentioned ideas for a climax or ending (presumably, Asta becomes the Wizard King at the ending).

Tabata has also claimed that he’d like to match the long-running Naruto manga series, which ran for over 700 chapters. That means Black Clover’s ending is at least 10 years away.

Black Clover Episode 158 returns to manga canon story arcs in 2021

At first, Studio Pierrot was adapting the manga’s story with a slow pacing in order to maintain an annual release schedule. Most of the earlier anime episodes rely on manga canon, although there is often some extra filler content in episodes.

The first season had few entire episodes that were filler, including episodes 3 and 29. The first season adapted 75 chapters, while the second season increased the pacing slightly by adapting up through Chapter 159 of Volume 17.

In addition to the original content in episodes 66, 68, and 82, the second season even adapted author Johnny Onda’s light novel The Book Of The Black Bulls by introducing the character Fanzell in Episodes 55 and 56.

The action-filled third season pumped up the pacing, adapting three to five chapters per episode. By April 2020, the third season was mostly manga canon with the exception of Black Clover Episode 123, 124, 130, 131, 134, and 135.

By Episode 129, the third season had adapted all the way up through Volume 23: Chapter 228. Considering that the third season was quickly catching up with the latest manga chapters, Studio Pierrot was forced to introduce original content into the fourth season in addition to filler episodes.

Fortunately, rather than being entirely a filler arc, the studio turned to manga creator Tabata, who created a Black Clover anime canon arc based on the 6-month training arc in Heart Kingdom. The manga’s story provides the perfect setup, so the anime canon episodes didn’t feel unnatural.

Asta and the Black Bulls are exploring the Heart Kingdom. There, they hear about a threat pertaining to the Spade Kingdom invading the Clover and Heart kingdoms, so everyone begins training for several months.

In the manga, there is a time gap since the training is not depicted at all. Black Clover Episode 123 through 25 started a multi-part filler arc. Then Black Clover Episode 130, 132, 133, and 136 through 157 introduced Tabat’s anime canon arc that fleshed out the characters.

But then it was announced that Black Clover Episode 158: The Beginning of Hope and Despair is named after manga Chapter 229. Black Clover Episode 159: Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows is named after Chapter 232. Black Clover Episode 160: The Messenger from Spade Kingdom is named after Chapter 234. Black Clover Episode 161: Zeno’s Power is named after Chapter 238.

That means the anime is finally returning to manga canon.

Poster showing many of the Black Clover characters
The third season had Asta and the Black Bulls fighting the resurrected elves for the future of Clover Kingdom, but what’s next? Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

Black Clover 2021 anime canon/filler arcs necessary

Fans of the manga were surprised to hear that there would only be three episodes of actual Heart Kingdom Training. Although returning to manga canon was cause to celebrate, some felt the anime canon arc ended too quickly.

The manga will be up to Black Clover Chapter 278 by the time Episode 158 is streaming. With a lead of only 49 chapters, the anime will catch up with the manga in 25 weeks (roughly Episode 183) assuming Tabata doesn’t take a hiatus and the anime’s pacing averages about three chapters per episode.

(It could be sooner since the manga chapters were shorter in 2020. Also, Tabata recently had a child with his wife and he’s taken a hiatus in 2020, so he could take another break in 2021.)

Arguably, the anime canon Heart Kingdom training arc should have been longer. It will interesting to see how Pierrot handles the adaptation since there really isn’t a good stopping point.

Black Clover Arc 11 is literally a war, making it difficult to introduce another filler/anime canon arc. Unfortunately, Pierrot has a history of introducing filler in the middle of war arcs like they did with Naruto.

On the other hand, it’s possible Tabata has communicated his story layout to Pierrot and there is an upcoming time gap. The only other option would be to introduce a side story that runs concurrently with the main events or to greatly expand certain battles with anime original details.

Needless to say, filler arcs are not going away any time soon since the fourth season will require them. Let’s just hope they don’t take a broadcasting break before Black Clover Season 5.

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