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BEASTARS Season 3 release date on Netflix U.S.: New BEASTARS arc confirmed to be in production

What will happen to Legoshi and Haru in Netflix’s BEASTARS Season 3 anime? Pic credit: Paru Itagaki

A new BEASTARS anime arc has been confirmed to be in production in July 2021. It’s also confirmed that it will be released on Netflix. But when will BEASTARS Season 3 come out on Netflix U.S.?

On July 20, 2021, the official Twitter account stated that “[a] new chapter of BEASTARS will be produced in the NETFLIX anime series, continuing the story of the second season.”

A new website has launched. The old website was

The new website specifically refers to the continuation as a Netflix anime rather than as a TV anime series. The copyright information has also changed.

Therefore, it’s possible that the continuation will be a Netflix exclusive. The first two seasons were broadcast on TV in Japan first and Netflix had the exclusive streaming rights for the international premiere.

The exact format of the continuation has not been specified. Instead of referring to the renewed anime as BEASTARS Season 3, the official accounts are calling it a new animated arc or chapter. A BEASTARS movie seems unlikely due to the way the original manga’s story was written.

The new BEASTARS anime arc will have Legoshi facing serious repercussions after the fateful confrontation with Tem’s killer that will affect his future with Haru. It’s possible the continuation is not being considered a full TV season of 11 to 13 episodes since the next story arc, the Interspecies Relations arc, is relatively short, weighing in at only 24 chapters. To put that number in perspective, the second season adapted roughly 50 manga chapters, so the continuation could be as short as 6 episodes.

However, for the purposes of this news story, the continuation will be conditionally referred to as BEASTARS Season 3.

The BEASTARS anime is being produced by animation company Studio Orange, which is best known for creating the CG-animated Land Of The Lustrous anime and the 2021 Godzilla: Singular Point anime (a collaboration with Studio Bones, the studio that produced My Hero Academia Season 5).

Anime Studio Orange also confirmed that they would be animating the new BEASTARS arc.

“<Project Announcement> BEASTARS Animated Series, New Arc is confirmed!” tweeted the company on July 20, 2021. “Thanks to everyone who supports our show. Orange will continue to animate the show!”

New BEASTARS Anime 2021
BEASTARS manga creator Paru Itagaki created this new artwork in July 2021 to celebrate the creation of a new BEASTARS anime. Pic credit: Paru Itagaki/Studio Orange

With the BEASTARS anime, the studio has arguably outdone itself in creating a CG anime that’s a wonder to the eyes by mimicking 2D animation with 3D effects. In 2021, the So I’m a Spider, So What? anime by Studio Millepensee tried a similar 2D/3D hybrid approach with mixed results, but Studio Orange arguably perfected their 3D animation technique.

Director Shinichi Matsumi (Rage Of Bahamut: Genesis) is helming the project. Writer Nanami Higuchi (Little Witch Academia) is creating the scripts.

Artist Nao Ootsu (Saga Of Tanya The Evil, Banana Fish) is handling character design. Animator Eiji Inomoto (Ghost In The Shell Arise) is the chief director of CG animation. Musical composer Satoru Kousaki (Oreimo, Monogatari) wrote the music.

The BEASTARS Season 3 OP (opening) and ED (ending) theme song music hasn’t been announced yet.

For the first season, the BEASTARS OP was “Wild Side” as performed by ALI, while the ED “Le Zoo” was performed by YURiKA. For the second season, the BEASTARS Season 2 OP “Monster (Kaibutsu)” and ED “Gentle Comet (Yasashii Suisei)” were both performed by YOASOBI.

The first season had 12 episodes in Fall 2019 that were released as four Blu-Ray/DVD volumes. The second season, which initially aired on TV in Japan in January 2021, hasn’t confirmed the total number of episodes but it’s likely to end with episode 12.

The total number of episodes for the third season hasn’t been announced yet. It’s predicted that BEASTARS Season 3 will be two cours.

A “cour” is a three-month unit of TV broadcasting based on the physical weather seasons. Most anime seasons are composed of 12 or 13 episodes per cour.

The second season was streaming on Netflix Japan during the Winter 2021 anime season. The second season’s finale, BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 12, released on March 25, 2021.

  • Updated July 20, 2021: New BEASTARS anime confirmed!
  • Updated July 12, 2021: New Beast Complex manga short story.
  • Updated June 15, 2021: BEASTARS Season 2 Netflix release date confirmed.
  • Updated March 22, 2021: Beast Complex ending.

This article provides everything that is known about BEASTARS Season 3 (BEASTARS 3) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

BEASTARS Season 2 Netflix U.S. release date in Summer 2021

Netflix U.S. likes set up international anime audiences for binge-watching even though Netflix Japan releases the episodes as they are broadcast on Japanese TV stations. Therefore, the international launch on Netflix U.S. traditionally waits until the episodes have finished broadcasting on TV in Japan.

Here is the BEASTARS Season 2 English dub cast:

  • Jonah Scott as Legoshi
  • Griffin Puatu as Louis
  • Lara Jill Miller as Haru
  • Kaiji Tang as Bill
  • Ben Diskin as Jack
  • Daman Mills as Kai
  • Erika Harlacher as Els
  • Keith Silverstein as Gouhin

In this case, the BEASTARS Season 2 Netflix U.S. release date was on July 15, 2021, the summer in July 2021.

Just before the BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 12 release date, the studio released a preview trailer that included making-of footage.

Netflix’s BEASTARS Season 3 release date predictions

As of the last update, Netflix, Bandai, Studio Orange, or any company related to the production of the anime has not officially confirmed the BEASTARS Season 3 release date. While the production of a BEASTARS sequel has been announced, official sources haven’t specified whether this continuation should be considered to be BEASTARS 3.

Once the news is officially confirmed this article will be updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the BEASTARS Season 3 premiere date will occur in the future.

From a financial perspective, just being a Netflix exclusive is a win. Netflix has been dumping money into developing original anime on its platform. They typically give TV shows at least three seasons before canceling (The Idhun Chronicles Season 3 seems to be a special case).

Netflix has a history of renewing its anime exclusives fairly quickly in comparison to the standards anime fans are used to from the Japanese animation industry. The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5Ultraman Season 2Grappler Baki Season 4 (Baki: Son of Ogre), and Aggretsuko Season 4 were all confirmed to be in production shortly after their respective previous seasons were announced.

So, it wasn’t a surprise in July 2021 when they seemed to renew BEASTARS Season 3. After all, it’d be terrible to leave anime-only audiences hanging not knowing what happened to Legoshi and Haru in the end.

BEASTARS Season 3 could be a quick turnaround because Studio Orange also has a financial incentive to keep the Netflix money flowing since Netflix pays better in comparison to anime industry standards (whether or not each studio passes on that extra income to the workers is another matter entirely, with Studio MAPPA often cited as a bad example).

Based on history, and assuming Studio Orange has already begun pre-production, the BEASTARS Season 3 release date will be in mid-2022. Considering that the Netflix U.S. premiere has always been six months later, that means the BEASTARS Season 3 Netflix U.S. release date will be in either Fall 2022 or Winter 2023.

BEASTARS Manga Legoshi Character
Legoshi was named after actor Bela Lugosi, who was known for portraying Count Dracula in a 1931 movie. Pic credit: Paru Itagaki

BEASTARS manga’s ending released in 2020

The story for the anime is based on the BEASTARS manga series by creator Paru Itagaki. Published in Weekly Shonen Champion since September 2016, the BEASTARS manga’s ending in Chapter 196: The Story of a Wolf and a Rabbit was released in October 2020. The final book, BEASTARS Volume 22, released on January 8, 2021.

VIZ Media has licensed the publishing rights for the official English translation of the BEASTARS manga. When the second season’s finale aired, the BEASTARS English release was far behind the Japanese releases with only 11 volumes translated thus far.

Fortunately, VIZ Media has been releasing a new volume every two months. Volume 11 released on March 16, 2021, Volume 12 is scheduled for May 18, 2021, Volume 13 for July 20, 2021, and Volume 14 for September 21, 2021.

If that publishing pace is maintained, the English Volume 15 should come out November 2021, Volume 16 in January 2022, Volume 17 in March 2022, Volume 18 in May 2022, Volume 19 in July 2022, Volume 20 in September 2022, Volume 21 in November 2022, and Volume 22 in January 2023.

BEASTARS manga ‘sequel’ returns to the Beast Complex world

On January 7, 2021, Weekly Shonen Champion began publishing a BEASTARS manga sequel that’s based in the same world. Technically, the new series is based on the author’s previous manga, Beast Complex, which has been described as the “origin of BEASTARS”.

Beast Complex was a series of short stories focused on the problems anthropomorphic animals were having coexisting with other species. Many of the stories took place at the Hidden Condo, a location that won’t be part of the anime until BEASTARS Season 3. The mini-series originally ended in 2019 with seven chapters, which were released in English as a single volume by VIZ Media March 16, 2021.

The new Beast Complex manga chapters take place in a variety of locations, including the strange District 0, an area where endangered all-white Bright animals live in a completely white town (literally, even the houses and roads are white). Starting with Beast Complex Chapter 8, new chapters began releasing weekly.

The new chapters do not focus on Legoshi. Instead, we have short stories about pig taxidermists, peacock cops, Shiba Inu dog models, and many more interesting characters.

Unfortunately, the Beast Complex mini-series ended on March 25, 2021. The new chapters were released as Beast Complex Volume 2 and 3 on April 8 and May 7, 2021, respectively.

However, that wasn’t the final ending. On August 12, 2021, the manga creator released another manga short story for the September issue of Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine.

BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 4
With the introduction of Cosmo the Okapi in BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 4, it became difficult to argue against the idea that BEASTARS is for furries. Pic credit: Studio Orange

BEASTARS manga compared to the anime’s second season

The second season of the anime series is essentially a reimagining of the BEASTARS manga’s story. While the anime does cover the same plot beats, events are reordered and entirely new scenes are introduced.

Arguably, the anime version is an improvement on the original since it expands the premise. Legoshi is shown actively searching for evidence for Tem’s killer with new scenes that fill in gaps in the investigation. Extra scenes with Legoshi’s roommates improves the development of side characters.

Some changes were made for the sake of conveying an idea in the visual format. For example, in the manga Legoshi’s friend Jack the Labrador dog tracked using his nose whereas the anime used a wind visual.

But it’s pretty obvious the great lengths the animation team went to make everything perfect in 3D. On Twitter, Kouhei Kadowaki discussed how he created clay models of the characters’ heads for the BEASTARS Season 2 ED.

“Rui and Ibuki were too complex to be drawn as animated figures, and it was difficult to grasp their three-dimensionality in my head, so I started by making clay figures that gave the same three-dimensional impression from any angle. By creating this image, I was able to organize the sense of three-dimensionality in my mind, which enabled me to create a stable image,” Kadowaki tweeted. “This is the first time I’ve spent so much time and effort to create a 3D model in preparation for a drawing. Tonight is the last time we will be able to see the ED that we did everything we could to create on TV.”

The manga sometimes had minor side characters who showed up briefly and then disappeared entirely from the story. The anime tried to make these one-note characters feel more natural. For example, Cosmo the Okapi’s interactions with Louis were expanded by the anime to give her the progression of an episodic character.

On the other hand, the events leading up to the finale between Legoshi and Riz were given more time to breathe in the manga. The anime’s second season really needed a BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 13 since the anime was forced to skim the source material in a rush to this pivotal moment.

It’s also notable that Episode 11 only mentioned Legoshi’s grandfather, Gosha, but did not show him. In the manga, his shocking appearance was revealed in a flashback during the chapters adapted by the second season, but his first appearance in the anime will be pushed back to BEASTARS Season 3.

BEASTARS Roger Kangaroo
BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 2 even added the underwear stealing Roger the kangaroo as an original character for a one-off fight scene. Notably, this kangaroo has a fanny pack… as in, a kangaroo… with a pouch. It’s possible the new character is a homage to a BEASTARS kangaroo character that originally appeared in Beast Complex Chapter 4. (Or is someone at Studio Orange a Tekken fan?) Pic credit: Studio Orange

The first season ended with BEASTARS Episode 12 adapting up through Chapter 48, the middle of Volume 6. That meant the anime’s second season began in Chapter 50.

As previously mentioned, the second season heavily reordered the chapters and changed some events. Halfway through the second season, BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 6 was up to Chapter 69.

Most of the episodes adapted just parts of individual manga chapters, averaging around four chapters adapted per episode. BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 12 seriously speedrun nine chapters all by itself.

All in all, the second season’s finale, BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 12, found a stopping point in Chapter 99, which is near the beginning of Volume 12.

It’s the best stopping point since it resolves the main conflict surrounding Tem’s killer. Ending at this point also allowed the second season to maintain the same adaptation pacing as the first season.

The good news is that English-only manga readers who wish to read ahead of the anime can jump straight to Volume 12 once it releases on May 18, 2021. However, it’s probably best to start with Volume 11: Chapter 97 since the finale episode essentially summarized highlights of Chapters 97, 98, and 99.

The BEASTARS Season 3 anime will pick up the story again in manga Volume 12. Pic credit: Paru Itagaki

Is BEASTARS Season 4 necessary to finish the story?

Studio Orange faces a dilemma in adapting the remainder of the manga’s story in BEASTARS Season 3. The next major story arc (Chapters 99 through 123) is only 25 chapters long, which isn’t long enough for a standalone single cour season unless the story is overly padded with original filler content.

That’s probably the reason why the July 2021 announcement of a new BEASTARS anime sequel put the emphasis on the continuation being a new arc or chapter.

After that, the final story arc is the longest story arc by far and doesn’t offer a thematically solid stopping point before ending. The next two story arcs are 97 chapters combined, which would have been perfect for a two-cour season.

Instead, it seems very likely that the continuation will be short in comparison to a normal full cour of new episodes. That means the next continuation, BEASTARS Season 4, would have 73 chapters to adapt and thus the fourth season would have around 18 episodes.

Assuming that the anime production committee is willing to invest in renewing BEASTARS Season 4, the way the story arcs are being handled by Studio Orange is similar to a split-cour anime production.

A split-cour is when a single anime season takes a broadcasting break, usually for only three months, before resuming. Splitting up the season in this manner is usually done in order to maintain a good production schedule.

BEASTARS Season 2 Juno
Hopefully, Studio Orange won’t have the same mindset as Juno when it comes time to adapt the manga’s ending. Pic credit: Studio Orange

The worst-case scenario (besides the BEASTARS anime being canceled) is that Studio Orange will be forced to condense the final story arc of the manga into a single cour season. If that’s the case, then BEASTARS Season 3’s ending would be similar to The Promised Neverland Season 2 anime, which rewrote huge chunks of the story in a rush to the final ending.

BEASTARS Season 3 anime spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

The last time we watched the anime, Legoshi had dueled Tem’s killer Riz the bear. He only won against Riz’s strength thanks to Louis sacrificing his leg, giving Legoshi an edge by allowing him to eat meat for the first time.

The aftermath of the duel ended with the police arresting Riz after he acknowledged his wrong. But the police also arrested Legoshi!

After the inspectors clear up their misunderstanding, Legoshi does not receive a misdemeanor criminal record. At the same time, Legoshi is now and forever branded as a predatorial offender since he unlawfully consumed the flesh of another living animal.

Besides the scar on his face, Legoshi now faces multiple repercussions since he won’t be able to attend unsegregated universities and herbivore-owned companies won’t want to hire him. Worse, it’s now legally impossible for him to marry a herbivore such as Haru!

Legoshi briefly entertains settling for going to a carnivore-only college, finding a job, and marrying a female gray wolf, and raising a family. But that’s not the life he wants.

Despairing, Legoshi decides to tell Haru that he’s dropping out of school at Cherryton Academy. But since the police want him to remain quiet about the incident, he’s unwilling to tell Haru his exact reasons, leaving Haru feeling confused about their relationship.

When the police reveal the details of the incident to the public they change crucial details, making it seem as if Louis was the herbivore hero who fought against the carnivore criminal Riz.

Meanwhile, Louis is visited at the hospital by his father Ogma, who has ordered him a quality prosthetic leg. The Sublime Beastar horse Yahya, the leader of their society, becomes interested in Legoshi’s case.

BEASTARS Melon and Sebun/Seven
In BEASTARS Season 2 Episode 11, Studio Orange teased BEASTARS Season 3 by sneaking in both the sheep Seven/Sebun (bottom left) and the villain Melon (suited figure wearing a mask on the right with his back to the camera) as background characters. Pic credit: Studio Orange

Legoshi ends up living in the Hidden Condo, an old building near the Black Market that allows renters with criminal records. One of Legoshi’s new neighbors is a Merino sheep named Seven, who has suffered life hardships while working at a carnivore-run sportswear company.

The story introduces the first Beastar characters and gives the history of leading candidates from the past. Audiences will also be introduced to Legoshi’s mother, Leano, and his grandfather, Gosha.

The reason why Gosha’s appearance is shocking is because he’s literally a scaly Komodo dragon! Yes, that means Legoshi’s mother was a grey wolf-Komodo dragon hybrid whereas his father, Miyagi, was full grey wolf.

Legoshi has inherited his grandfather’s eyes. But Leano inherited more reptilian features and it’s her personal angst about her appearance that caused her to take actions which cause repercussions in Legoshi’s life today.

Events take a turn when Yahya the Beastar is trying to catch Melon, a half-breed criminal who is half gazelle and half leopard. Faking to be a therapist, he has been killing elephants to make cash with their ivory tusks.

BEASTARS Season 3 Anime Character
BEASTARS’ Melon tries to hide his leopard features, including his leopard spots, which he has covered with tattoos of melon leaves. While in public, he wears a surgical mask to cover up his sharp teeth and disguise himself as a herbivore. Pic credit: Paru Itagaki

The older horse can’t keep up with the more agile Melon, so Yahya recruits Legoshi to capture Melon. The Beastars claims that he can expunge Legoshi’s criminal history from the official record, clearing the way for Legoshi to regain a happy future.

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait until the BEASTARS Season 3 release date to watch what happens next. Stay tuned!

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