The Commuter movie review: Taken on the after work express

It’s Taken on the After Work Express as Liam Neeson finds himself embroiled in a mystery on a speeding train. Did you see the one where he was on a plane? The Commuter is totally different. This time he’s on a train. Michael McCauley (Neeson) has a bad day, losing his job selling life insurance,

Exclusive interview with Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates

Tonight on Travel Channel, Expedition Unknown returns with host Josh Gates in the thick of it around the world — exploring and uncovering the lore and the legends that keep people wondering. The adventurer has an insatiable desire to learn about new cultures and his new season takes us along as he dives deeply into

Hunting Hitler preview looks at evidence pointing to Nazi leader’s survival

A preview of the new season of Hunting Hitler airs tonight on History — looking at the evidence gathered so far which points at the Nazi leader having survived the Second World War. CIA veteran Bob Baer and his team of investigators return next Tuesday, January 2, for the third and final season of the History


Exclusive: Knights Templar ‘pathway’ revealed on The Curse of Oak Island

The next episode of The Curse of Oak Island sees research surface that points at a “clear pathway” from the Knights Templar to Oak Island, we can exclusively reveal. The description for the episode, which we were given exclusively by History, also says that new evidence confirms that there were Europeans on the island long