Zendaya’s Dreads Nets Trouble For E! Fashion Police Star Rancic VIDEOS

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Zendaya’s back view courtesy of Instagram

Comedy is an art, and should be left to the professionals. When Joan Rivers died (was taken from us too soon) she left a huge void on E!’s Fashion Police. Kathy Griffin can snark and quip, but when the sidekicks try to be funny it backfires badly.

Several rules were broken the night of the Oscars. Men touching womens’ faces, wearing underwear on stage and commenting on other womens’ hair. Everything was not “Awesome.”

Which takes us to the lovely Zendaya, a Disney star who like Miley is growing up in front of our eyes, and who attended the recent Oscars dressed in a simple gown and a head full of dreadlocks a la Lisa Bonet in the day.  She looked simply and elegantly styled and lovely to us.

No big deal right? Wrong. People are upset that comments made by “Fashion Police” host Giuliana Rancic during the show’s Academy Awards red carpet recap special that aired Monday night were glossed over.

The show picks apart each red carpet participant’s dress and style and Zendaya’s look, which included an satin ivory Vivienne Westwood gown and a head of waist-length dreads, gave the ammo to Rancic who said, “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil.” That sentiment was followed with, “Or weed,” by co-host Kelly Osbourne and then repeated by Rancic with Kathy Griffin laughing.


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