Zac Efron reveals his dating secret

Zac Efron has revealed his dating secrets.

Efron tells Extra: “Moms are always fun to hang out with at premieres… 40’s where it’s at.”

Teenage girls love Zac Efron but he has eyes for the older ladies.

The star of “17 Again” quips,” “Moms are always fun to hang out with at premieres…I figured out where it’s at…40’s where it’s at.”

Don’t worry High School Musical fans.  Efron is still dating HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens and the millionaire reveals their ideal date – sneaking into movies.

“That’s probably like, the best thing to do…We just don’t go on a Friday night or Saturday night…It’ll be like 9am on a Tuesday,” Efron says.

Efron’s hair gets a lot of attention but he doesn’t understand the obsession saying, “It’s really derived from laziness. It’s cool. I sleep on it, wake up and then walk outside. It would be funny if it took four hours to do. It doesn’t”

In his new film, Efron plays a 37-year-old man who gets transported into the body of a 17-year-old. When asked if he’d want to be 17 again, Efron responded, “ I think even the worst mistakes I made in high school were an important part of who I am today so no, I don’t think I would go back.”

“Extra’s” interview with Zac Efron airs tonight.


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