Xbox beta video shows what Perfect Dark Zero could have been

Despite eventually selling more than a million copies, the prequel adventures of flame-haired Joanna Dark fell a little flat with some when Perfect Dark Zero hit the Xbox 360 around the time of the console’s launch in November of 2005. Its failure to leave an instant mark of significance with expectant consumers subsequently saw Perfect Dark (N64) fans disappointed and pining for what the game could have been.

Well, while current chatter would suggest that developer Rare has another Perfect Dark game is in the works for next-generation consoles – with some form of official announcement expected during 2008 – an old beta video clip has this week popped up on GameTrailers revealing what direction Perfect Dark Zero was taking on the original Xbox prior to it being shifted onto the Xbox 360.

Although the clip is focused on technical aspects of the game, not the core gameplay, and includes no animated enemies or final and polished graphics, it does manage to convey – to an extent – what Perfect Dark Zero might have been had Microsoft and Rare not elected to push it onto the Xbox 360.


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