Xbox 360 in Crysis as PlayStation 3 hosts Crytek’s powerhouse?

With recent rumours suggesting that PC-based first-person shooter epic Crysis will be echoing the form of Crytek stable mate Far Cry in making its way to home videogame consoles, current speculation indicates that only Sony’s PlayStation 3 will be capable of hosting the sci-fi spectacular.

Specifically, gaming Web site GamesRadar is reporting that “insiders” at Germany-based Crytek have this week let slip that certain home console whisperings will soon come to fruition, with a port of Crysis reportedly on the way for PlayStation 3 owners.

While none of this chatter has been in any way substantiated (or denied) at this juncture, the PS3 port is expected to arrive with extra modes and game features not readily available through the original PC game.

There is currently no available information regarding the need for aesthetic scale back on the PlayStation 3, which, while an impressive piece of gaming kit, might not be able to ‘fully’ embrace a heavily muscled title that has already seen many ‘hardcore’ PC gamers unable to run Crysis without altering its far-reaching performance attributes.

Even the team struggled to run the game for review, despite upgrading their PC rig specially.

Sadly, disappointment apparently lies in wait for Xbox 360 owners hoping for Crysis to perform the Microsoft side-shuffle that usually accompanies Games for Windows releases. According to GamesRadar, Crytek will be focusing its efforts on the PlayStation 3, with technical difficulties preventing a port to Microsoft’s latest home console.

Salt? Pinch of? Until this rumour is either confirmed or denied, we’d recommend keeping your glee-fuelled somersaults on hold for the moment – just to avoid any resultant fanboy backlash.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.