X Factor triangle: Simon, Danii and Sharon

Simon Cowell is probably eating all this up with a big fat spoon, as his celebrity judges snipe at each other in the headlines, and rumors surface that the entrepreneurial Brit is canoodling with Kylie Minogue’s comely sister, much to the chagrin of his stateside main squeeze, Terri Seymour. <P></P> <P>X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has sharpened talons out for her fellow panellist, Dannii Minogue, claiming she is only on the ITV1 show because she’s a looker and because Simon Cowell, the show’s main man, has the big-time hots for her.</P> <P>"She [Dannii] knows she’s there because of her looks, not because of her contribution to the music industry," she said.</P> <P>"She’s younger, she’s better-looking, Simon wants her and he doesn’t want me – thank God."</P> <P>The Osbourne comments were made on the BBC2 Graham Norton show.</P> <P>Sharon and Danii have had several alleged furious behind-the-scenes fights as well as one particular confrontation which resulted in the British star storming off the show.</P> <P>Osbourne was seen tittering as Louis Walsh, The X Factor’s other judge, poked fun at Danii’s singing ability – which had the Aussie brunette exit the show.</P> <P>Simon has previously admitted that Dannii and Sharon compete for his attention</P> <P>In October, Sharon threatened to quit after fighting with Dannii in her dressing room minutes before the show went on air, according to British tabloid reports.</P> <P>Simon said early in the season: "When I sit next to one, the other sulks. I have to try to give each one equal attention.</P> <P>Sharon has hinted openly at a budding romance between Minogue and Simon Cowell</P> <P>Minogue refused to be drawn on the row, only saying: "Unfortunately, if you put two women on a show, then people want to see a cat fight." </P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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