Worldwide goodwill speeds recovery for ‘Top Gear’ Hammond

According to his Top Gear co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond is making strides and getting better as Hammond recovers in Leeds General Infirmary.
Clarkson is said to be relieved as Hammond walks again, and Hammond is said to make a full recovery in hospital following his horrific rocket propelled accident in his dragster.

The Sun is reporting that Hammond’s condition has improved to the extent that he may be transferred to a general medical ward very soon.   Hammond, 36, got to his feet and walked, just 30 hours after the crash, his co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson said.

Hammond, who has been moved out of intensive care, had not lost his sense of humor and, according to The Sun, said to his other co-presenter James May, also visiting him in hospital, “Hello C**kface.”

Worldwide support and interest in Hammond’s recovery has been pouring in, bolstering friends and family gathered at Leeds General Infirmary where they have keeping a vigil following Wednesday’s accident at Elvington airfield, near York.

The BBC has released no further information about the events leading up to the crash.  The Daily Mirror reports hammond’s wife saying: “He’s spoken and smiled. It’s early days and what has happened hasn’t really sunk in for him.

“But he’s starting to look like Richard again. He’s tough as hell and on his way back.”

She added: “The whole family is overwhelmed by everyone’s support. There have been so many flowers, cards and emails from around the world.

“To know that so many people love him is astounding. We want to thank everyone for their good wishes and prayers.”

Clarkson, a columnist for The Sun, said in the newspaper: “In the wee small hours of Thursday night, just 30 hours after what is almost certainly the world’s fastest ever car crash, Richard Hammond suddenly sat up in bed opened his eyes and asked what had happened.

“‘You’ve been in a car accident’, I said. ‘Was I driving like a tw*t?’ he asked. Before getting out of bed and walking shakily to the lavatory.”




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