World of Warcraft helps kid defeat a real-life moose

The belief that videogame violence does not influence real-world situations took somewhat of a blow yesterday following the story of a 31-year-old man in California who attacked his roommate with a samurai sword following a heated videogame argument. However, all is not lost on the ‘videogames are evil’ front, with today revealing an uplifting story of survival inspired by World of Warcraft.

According to a report posted on GameSHOUT, 12-year-old Norwegian Hans Jorgen Olsen was recently forced into drawing upon his amassed gaming knowledge by utilising considerable WoW skills to save his younger sister from being viciously mauled when they stumbled across a katana-wielding male moose.

Armed with both a samurai sword and a generally temperamental disposition, the unsuspecting moose immediately obeyed its territorial instincts and focused its attack toward the boy’s frightened sister. Immediately obeying his gaming instincts, young Hans recalled that taunting was always a good way to successfully draw a monster away from a weak in-game ally in World of Warcraft.

After Hans bravely attracted the moose’s attention, allowing his little sister to reach safety in the process, the Norwegian boy then found himself fleeing headlong from a marauding moose eager to test its blade on soft European flesh.

Again taking advantage of his considerable videogame training, Hans recalled a survival trick he had learnt when reaching the level 30 plateau in World of Warcraft, which he implemented by dropping to the ground and feigning death.

Amazingly, the pursuing moose, which later admitted it had never played World of Warcraft, fell for Hans’ inventive ploy and simply sniffed at his prone body before sheathing his blade and moving on.

GameSHOUT goes on to say that his brave deeds have seen Hans’ mother allow her heroic son to indulge in World of Warcraft any time he chooses, “but only when his homework is done.”

Who said videogames never transfer anything positive to the world?

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