Women Of Anarchy: Maggie Siff talks Tara, SOA back September 7 on FX

Today was FX day at the Television Critics Association summer press tour and the “Sons of Anarchy” panel was on deck first.

The panel featured creator/showrunner Kurt Sutter, and many of the cast: Charlie Hunnam (Jax), Ron Perlman (Clay), Katey Sagal (Gemma), Tommy Flanagan (Chibs), Maggie Siff (Tara), Mark Boone Junior (Bobby), Dayton Callie (Chief Unser), and Theo Rossi (Juice).

“Sons” is the most anticipated fall premiere for all of us (USA and UK) here at Monsters and Critics, and today M&C’s TV editor April MacIntyre caught up with SOA’s leading ladies Maggie Siff (Tara) and Katey Sagal (Gemma) during their panel at the TCA’s in Beverly Hills. (Our chat with “formidable” Katey Sagal will be posted tomorrow).

Maggie Siff was asked to describe her character Dr. Tara Knowles this season: “I think my character is a bit lonely, she’s there for love to a certain extent but she has this legitimate job and she finds herself in this situation with these people. She loves these people but there’s a dynamic to loving these people who do bad things.”

Tara returned home to Charming in the first season with an obsessive FBI man (Agent Kohn, played by Jay Karnes) stalking her.  Unlucky for him, her high school sweetheart was Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), who kills him when he discovers Kohn had made his way inside Tara’s home. What followed was some of the steamiest sex ever as Tara and Jax hook up and are joined once again as a couple.

Season two sees Tara and Gemma bond over the “secret” (a brutal rape) that Gemma hides away from the men in her life, save for Chief Unser, her lifelong friend in Charming. Tara tends to her and proves to Gemma she is ready to handle Jax’s world, and be a part of SAMCRO.

Season three will explore the new stresses on Jax and Tara over Abel’s kidnapping, and Jax’s descent into revenge to get his son back at all costs from the IRA gunman. Tara is pushed away and is at a true crossroads of love, loyalty and preserving her career in medicine.

Maggie was our first interview after the panel.  She was very good and did not give away any secrets, but was a delight to chat with:

Monsters and Critics: I watched the first episode of Sons of Anarchy season three, and you’re very destructive…

(Mutual Laughter)

M&C: Please tell me that you going to stay in Charming. I know you can’t give me any spoilers, but are we going to see you at the very end in the finale?

Maggie Siff: God – that’s such a … you should ask Kurt [Sutter]. I don’t know what I can say.

M&C: I conducted a full interview with Kurt. He danced around that question too.

Maggie Siff: He did dance around that question. I’m afraid I’ll have to dance around that too. It’s a very tumultuous season.

Jax and Tara are estranged.

M&C: Any more stripper beat downs?

Maggie Siff: Maybe [Laughs]. Not delivered by me personally.

M&C: Will you be practicing medicine this season?

Maggie Siff: That’s also up in the air. I would have to say that everything is sort of up in the air.

M&C:   Jeez Maggie, all I got left is what do you like to eat over at the craft service table. What’s your favorite nosh?

Maggie Siff: I have to say. Apples and peanut butter.

M&C: Apple in the peanut butter?

Maggie Siff: Peanut butter on the apples yeah. It’s a very good snack I highly recommend it.

M&C:  Duly noted. Let’s talk about Wardrobe. What will Maggie be wearing this season, predominantly? Will you be mostly in leather or more professional clothing?

Maggie Siff: Wardrobe-wise it’s a pretty casual season. Mostly because, and I think this is true for me and Katey. I think it’s a time of distress. So a lot of Jeans and T – Shirts.

M&C: What’s your favorite song so far on the soundtrack for this season?

Maggie Siff: I haven’t heard any of them. I haven’t seen any of the shows, and we generally only do the looping and stuff. We haven’t mixed that in yet! So you’ll have to ask me next year.

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