Wolfsprings Chronicles: Hot Blooded – Book Review

The second in the Wolfsprings Chronicles, following on from the story begun in Unleashed.  Katelyn is trying to come to terms with being a werewolf, and adapting to the demands of the pack. 

Yet these demands often conflict with her school work, personal and family commitments. She is shown trying to cope with these varying situations, and help her friend Cordelia who has gone missing. 

Then there is her relationship with Trick and Justin – who can she trust?  Both are potential boyfriends. On top of everything else, someone is trying to kill her. This is another paranormal trilogy which started out really well, but I have to admit I was little disappointed by this volume. 

The story line was not as strong as in the Unleashed, and seemed to take much longer to get going.  The characterization is not as strong and I found myself skim reading some of the sections.