Winter 2011 and Spring 2012 Nail Polish hot picks under $10

Nail polish and nail art is a fun, inexpensive way to trend out and be fashionable. The current crop of enamels is mind-bending in color range and helps to coordinate those nails with the perfect outfit and accessories.

Monsters and Critics has some of the hottest nail colors to recommend for winter.

Metal is in: The holiday season is the perfect time to rock bold metallic glittery hues. Shades in silver, gold, and bronze can be layered with glitter glazes too for an amazing depth effect.

Right now, the predominant color palettes seen on runways and fashionistas are muted gem stones in greens, grays, lavenders, mushroom and bold deep reds too. Also super popular are deep greens, blues and lots of shimmery, glitter overcoats.

This trend in new colorized neutrals will continue into the spring 2012.
Here are some affordable and made in the USA nail friendly picks to ring in the New Year:

Essie 2011 Winter Collection

Bling It On! Cocktail Bling! During the holiday season, fashion nail enamel company Essie has upped retro glamour special with this collection.

Inspired by precious stones and metals, Essie brings us six interesting and some never seen before nail shades meant to hearken a gemstone.
School of Hard Rocks is a midnight Malachite, which appears as a medium deep teal on the nail.
Cocktail Bling is a pale periwinkle gray pearl jewel. This nail polish is a stunner on.
Size Matters is a sexy ruby-red. This is the perfect grown-up red for the holidays.
Bangle Jangle is a pale lavender amethyst.
Bobbing for Baubles is their deepest darkest Sapphire. This color is a sultry blue.
Brooch The Subject is a creamy cashmere cameo. Nice and safe, pretty and subdued.

All of the nail polishes made by Essie cover beautifully, wear well and are super creamy and glitter/shimmer free. They all applied wonderful without streaking and two coats is perfect. They also layer well with shimmer glazes and glitter glazes that amp up the colors. Essie products do not contain formaldehyde, DBP or Toluene and are made in the USA. Under $10.

Pure Ice nail polish

For the mega bargain basement polishes, Pure Ice, found at Wal-Mart and under $2, will make your toes curl.

This polish does the job and has an easy to apply smooth formulation and dries quickly. The Pure Ice line comes in a variety of colors ranging from classic to crazy baby.  Pure Ice is never tested on animals, and made in the USA.

We recommend Pure Ice Peony, a metallic pretty in pink, and for the sci-fi fans, Pure Ice Excuse Me, a flaming metallic golden yellow.

Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish

Wet n’ Wild is also super inexpensive and high quality for the money. Their new line is called Fast Dry, and there are three shades in particular that are fun for the season: Saved by the Blue, a deep sapphire true blue that shimmers, Teal or no Teal, a shimmering deep teal, and a wild one called SaGreena the Teenage Witch, totally hot on toes for Christmas! Under $2 and loads of fun to play with and mix up.

Bon Bons Mini Nail enamels

These nail polishes are perfect for young girls just starting to wear polish. For real polish freaks, they will feel and look too sheer in finish.

There are a variety of glittery shimmers and metallics from greens to purples and red. These polishes also dry fairly quickly, and need a lot of upkeep. But for .99 cents, these are the fun fashion colors kids can collect and swap for those sleepover parties.


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