Win a copy of The Number 23 (Unrated) DVD

The number 23 is everywhere. The belief that all dates, times, names and the most momentous events in history can be connected to the number is the backdrop of the psychological thriller, The Number 23, arriving on a special edition Infinifilm DVD from New Line Home Entertainment. M&C is giving away five copies of the Unrated edition of the DVD.

In Joel Schumacher’s psychological thriller The Number 23, Jim Carrey takes on another dramatic role. He portrays an average man thrust into quite extraordinary situations after a series of strange events cause him to question everything he’s ever taken for granted. On his birthday, Walter Sparrow is given a mysterious and tattered book called “The Number 23″ by his loving wife, Agatha (Virginia Madsen). As Walter reads the book, he quickly notices its alarming similarities to his own life. Rather than stop reading, he continues, unknowingly inviting the book to take over his life.

The deeper Walter gets into the plot, the more he sees himself in its protagonist, Fingerling, whom we see through highly stylized sequences in which Carrey appears as the seedy detective character. Madsen is also present in these scenes, cast as Fingerling’s pain-loving girlfriend Fabrizia. As Fingerling and Fabrizia’s love affair inches towards its fiery conclusion, we learn the role the number 23 has played in their story and will play in Walter’s future if he cannot keep his growing obsession with it at bay.

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The Number 23 (Unrated Infinifilm Edition) is now available at Amazon and AmazonUK. Visit the DVD database for more information. Click Here to enter to win a copy of the DVD.

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