Wii back-up disc accidentally falls into consumer hands

Easily excitable code monkeys will likely be attempting to still their pounding heartbeats today following the somewhat unusual news that a Nintendo Wii back-up disc has apparently slipped accidentally into the consumer pool, according to a report appearing on the TehSkeen website.

Evidence of the seemingly innocuous pink disc (pictured) was posted to the Internet by a member of #wiidev on IRC/EFNet, with the disc supposedly capable of restoring Nintendo Wii consoles back to their default factory settings while also allowing for a degree of alteration to some of the console’s internal settings via the system BIOS.

Strangely, the disc sports two kissing fish, which, as an icon, is distinctly un-Nintendo and has subsequently seen the disc labelled as ‘GayFish’ by the #wiidev community. Based on the provided picture, the Wii back-up disc would appear to be authentic and is marked with an ‘official looking’ Nintendo font.

According to reports, the back-up disc was uncovered when a Wii user happened upon it after receiving their Nintendo Wii back following an official repair – a claim that has not yet been substantiated.

While the disc could well emerge as the real deal, without actually seeing video footage of it being used in direct conjunction with a Nintendo Wii, it’s difficult to say unequivocally that GayFish is indeed a genuine back-up disc.

Indeed, without wishing to sound overtly sceptical, mocking up a fake media disc isn’t exactly the most difficult thing in the world these days – especially for those perhaps looking to pull the videogame wool over our collective eyes.

Also, the story’s credibility could be called into question because who’s ever heard of the Nintendo Wii being sent for repair? Hohoho.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.