Wii are amused: The Queen loves Nintendo

When one finds an acceptable hole in one’s schedule with which to indulge in a little videogaming, one often prefers to throw some sweet shapes while grasping onto the Wii Remote.

According to British rag tabloid the People, when not attending to matters of state, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second likes nothing more than to get her gaming groove on, with the 81-year-old monarch apparently “HOOKED” on Prince William’s new Nintendo Wii console. Excellent stuff.

Renowned for being a bit of a gadget guru – she’s well armed technologically with an e-mail account, cell phone, BlackBerry, and an Apple iPod – an unnamed Buckingham Palace source told the paper that the Queen was first introduced to the Wii when William’s girlfriend (Kate Middleton) recently gave one to him as a birthday gift.

The source offers that the Queen thought the Wii “looked tremendous fun and begged to join in,” when she witnessed William playing Wii Sports while at Sandringham. Subsequently sampling a session of Wii Sports bowling, the Queen was apparently something of a natural, belying her age with hand-eye coordination “as good as somebody half her age.”

“His only difficulty now is prising it away from the Queen’s clutches,” claims the source. “She showed all the signs of becoming a Nintendo addict.”

While the Queen might be a casual fan of the Wii, we somehow can’t see her jumping onto the Virtual Console to pwn some peasant arses anytime soon.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.