Why Britney was allowed to see her sons

Attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan spoke outside the courthouse about the future of Britney Spears custody case and the impact Britney’s family has had on her visitation.

This past Saturday marked the first time Britney Spears had seen her two sons since January 3rd as Extra spoke to Mark Vincent Kaplan, the attorney for her ex, Kevin Federline, outside the courthouse.

When asked why his client and he decided to let Spears see her kids, Kaplan responded, “I think both sides wanted that to occur as soon as possible. As soon as there were certain things in place that enabled him to be comfortable that this was an appropriate time [it was arranged].”

Kaplan also admitted that Spears’ family has had an impact on this case saying, “Her dad, Jamie, is obviously a positive influence. It looks to be more of stable setting over there [Britney’s home].”

Kaplan does tell “Extra” that Spears’ supervised visits with her son can affect the outcome of her custody case saying, “Visitation is immensely important…They have to go well over time…It’ll start ramping up [if they do].”

Going into specifics, Kaplan continues: “Ramping up, generally in a custody case, means that there’s one level of visitation or custody early on and assuming there are no unforeseen, unanticipated events not consistent with increased time, they ramp up gradually but steadily to some other point. What that point is, I don’t know.”

When asked what Britney must do to have permanent visitation allowed, Kaplan responded, “We have to see that the visitation goes successfully. Successful means that there’s appropriate behavior, that there is a positive effect on everyone involved in it. It means there’s got to be consistency over time.”

In addition, Kaplan does confirm, “The kids are doing fine.”

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