Whitney Houston broke, addicted to crack?

A revealing article set to appear in next week’s issue of The National Enquirer claims that pop diva Whitney Houston spends much of her time abusing drugs in her bedroom and pleasuring herself with sex toys.


Although the Enquirer is known for it’s outlandish sensationalism, rumours and fictitious reports, the story apparently comes from Houston’s sister-in-law Tina Brown who also supplied photos to the Enquirer of Houston’s bathroom. The photos supposedly show scattered empty beer bottles, pipes, rolling papers and powder-covered spoons and lighters. 


Brown, who is the sister of Houston’s hubby Bobby Brown, reports that Houston regularly locks herself in her bedroom, doesn’t wash and beats herself, believing that she’s being attacked by the devil. Brown also states that the singer uses crack daily and that the two were drug buddies in the past.


Houston’s drug problems are apparently not only taking a physical toll but a financial one as well. Fox news is reporting that Houston is broke from years of drug abuse and lavish spending. 


Fox reports that an Atlanta lawyer claimed that he kicked Houston and her friend, pop singer Cherelle, out of a luxury Atlanta townhouse he rented to Cherelle last year. The lawyer is suing both women for around $25,000 U.S. in damages to the townhouse and unpaid rent.


Regardless if the Enquirer story is true or not, expect lawsuits to be filed on behalf of Houston against the tabloid publication within the coming weeks.





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