When married to a famous novelist, write a book yourself

Even the NYT calls this probably “not the wisest career move.” This book is Isabel Fonseca’s second in 13 years, called Attachment, “about a woman who suspects her husband of having an affair,” the NYT notes.

Martin Amis is her spouse. And just to give a bit of the product description: “Assured, funny, tender, and provocative, Attachment is unflinching in its depiction of desire, of the responsibility that comes with age and family, and of the impulses that color and disrupt our lives even as they reveal, ever more clearly, the nature of love.”

You can read all about their upper-crust lives and all the famous writers they are pals with in the NYT article.

13 years in between books is a very long time. So, when you can’t make a name for yourself, it helps to be married to someone who can.


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