What goes around, comes around: The Denise Richards saga

In the annals of galling acts subterfuged by a false veil of friendship, ex Heather Locklear pal Denise Richards, 35 and Richie Sambora, 46 continue to be photographed at various romantic spots holding hands, kissing on balconies and providing shots for the paparazzi that must be making popular actress Locklear see red.
Former girlfriend and next door neighbor in the Westlake Village suburb of Los Angeles, actress Locklear has been keeping busy.  According to media sources, it was rumored Locklear “blasted” Richards in her home with the Bon Jovi song, “Livin’ on a Prayer”. 

According to court records, Denise Richards has extended her restraining order against her soon to be ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.  Granted back in April 2006 and set to expire on June 28, 2006, lays out strict rules restricting Sheen’s own proximity to his two babies, staying at least 300 yards away from Richards and their daughters unless on supervised visits.  Even venerated actor Martin Sheen, the babies’ Grandfather, has to abide these terse conditions.

Denise Richards, 35, originally filed for divorce in March 2005, briefly reconciling with Sheen later that year, only to re-file court documents in January filled with salacious, unproven details about Sheen’s alleged behavior.  Richards also had a brief fling with actor John Stamos before her romance with Sambora blossomed, according to Stamos on the satellite broadcasted Howard Stern Show.

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