Wes Bentley has a Blackheart in Ghost Rider

Wes Bentley as Durrance in Paramount’s ‘The Four Feathers’ (Photo Credit: Alex Bailey)

Wes Bentley has been cast as the villain Blackheart in Columbia Pictures’ “Ghost Rider,”  that stars Nicolas Cage and is being directed by Mark Steven Johnson.

Based on the Marvel comic book series, Ghost Rider is the story of Johnny Blaze (Cage), a motorcyclist who makes a deal with the devil to save his one true love. In a devlish twist, he periodically transforms into the demon Ghost Rider to wreak vengeance on those who hurt the innocent.

Variety reports that Bentley is a friend of Colin Farrell, who starred as Bullseye in Johnson’s Daredevil. Farrell put the actor and helmer together for this new film.

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